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The Night Flight Proposals 2011

Click the links to view the documents, or to download your very own copy. More documents, and scathing analysis to follow…


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There should be a neat widget-type thing above this line showing you a list of the proposal documents. If there isn’t click HERE to see them in the NoNightFlights archive.

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  1. Maurice Byford

    These plans and figures are an absolute joke. If the council actually believes them then it will highlight either their gullibility or their corruption.Manston is claiming that Flybe will be increasing its UK passenger traffic by a factor of 1719% over 7 years which equates to a 245% growth every year. There biggest growth came in 2007 and only managed 34% and that was in turnover by competitively taking passengers from other airlines, the actual increase in passenger traffic was only 7%! So how Flybe is mysteriously gong to conjure up the same number of Domestic passsengers to pass thorugh Gatwick today in 3 years time to go through Manston is a breathtaking feat!All this despite a general reduction in the traffic patterns across the airline industry. In addition it would appear that Manston is going to see phenomonal growth during a 5 year period whcih is predicted to be a global slow down in economic terms and will magically raise its passenger levels to being one of the busiest airports in Britain inside 10 years!!It took Leeds and Bradford Airport 37 years to increase its traffic throughput to 2.9 million passengers. But wait here comes Charles Buchanan, he'll do it in just 7!And Leeds did it with a City population of 2.9 million! Manston only has a surrounding population of 1.4 million in the whole of Kent!The man is truly a marvel.

  2. So where is the EIA for the night flights?