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The final rubber-stamping?

Don’t miss the Council discussion on the Governance Commission’s report about the proposed structure for our future committee system…

Thursday 27th November, Guildhall, 7pm (item 8).


We know that a couple (or more?) councillors are against this. It should be interesting to see who stands up and speaks out for and against… How will your councillor speak and vote? Come along and find out.

Below are the key documents: a schematic showing the proposed structure; the report to Council that they will be voting on; and an Appendix describing the new scheme of delegation.

2014-11-27 Final Appendix A by HerneBayMatters

2014-11-27 CCC Future Committee Structure by HerneBayMatters

2014-11-27 Final Appendix B – Scheme of Delegation by HerneBayMatters

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  1. Julie Wassmer

    Thank you for all the work you have done on this and everything on this issue, CDCD. Julie Wassmer