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Thank you to the two men who helped me

I WOULD like to lay a huge thank you to two gentlemen who came to my rescue on Thursday, January 22. After a long walk with my dog on Tankerton beach I collected 6ft bolt of velvet from Emmanuel’s in Tankerton.
Struggling with the bolt, the dog and the handbag, I must have knocked my keys out of my pocket. I walked to where I had parked opposite the Marine, leant the bolt of material on my car, and searched unsuccsessfully for the keys. A gentlemen was very helpful and locked the material in his own car whilst he went for a coffee. I phoned my husband to come rescue me and walked the whole dog route again. No luck, but as I stasted to walk back to Emanuels a second gentleman who had seen me struggling to find them, said he had handed them in at Tesco. Phew.
Everybody was very helpful, thanks all round.

Linda Wolek, By e-mail

Herne Bay Times, January 28th 2015