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Thank you to all supporters

Please can I thank everyone who has sent signed petition forms by post.
Every day, more come in – far too many to thank everyone individually, so
if you read this and have sent a signed petition, please accept this as a
thank-you, and pass the message on to anyone else you know who has sent a
petition sheet. Some have come with generous donations, so many thanks
for those too, and again please excuse the absence of a personal

All this is of course in addition to the hard work of many supporters in
delivering petition leaflets door-to-door, and collecting signatures in
the street, and the support of shops which are acting as drop-off points
and where petitions are available to be signed. It’s all paying off. Not
all the signed petition sheets have been processed yet so we don’t know
the exact number but we’re significantly over 1000 signatures and well on
our way. So well done everyone, many thanks and keep up the good work!

Rick Norman

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  1. Andrew Lloyd

    Good to hear – keep up the good work. I understand that more people are needed for house to house deliveries, particularly in Herne Bay. If you could do just your own road it would be a bonus – as the saying goes ‘Every little helps’

    Andrew Lloyd