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Thanet Movies

Charlie Buchanan And The Chocolate Factory

The Manston With The Golden Gun

Merry Christmas, St Lawrence

The Spy Who Loved Margate

Laura Sandys: Tomb Raider

From Ramsgate With Love

The Bayford Ultimatum

Thanet Is Not Enough

Casino Royal Sands

Dial M For Margate

The Quexorcist

… any more?

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  1. 12.30am Airplane!2.30am Airplane II4.30am Airplane IIIAwakeningsClose Encounters of the Aviation KindNight, InterruptedSleepless in St LawrenceDawn of the Dead TiredEyes Wide Open25.11.2011 – Meet the Fockers

  2. Badbad neighbour

    The scent of 747

  3. Restless in Ramsgate

    Cllr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Destroy a TownIt Happened One Night; Then Another, Then Another, Then Another…Groundhog NightThe Big Constantly-Interrupted SleepThe Bayford UltimatumAll Quiet on The Western Cliff, Not!A Nightmare on Elms AveInsomniaNon-SleepersAwakenings

  4. craig under the flightpath

    Surely the full title of the first movie should be Charlie Buchanan And The Chocolate 'Teapot' Factory