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Telling your stories of miner’s strikes

FORMER coal managers and deputies from the 1984-1985 strike who crossed the men’s NUM picket lines of their colliery are encouraged to come forward and share their accounts for an audio and photography project looking at the men that worked the infamous strike. I am a photographer from a coal mining family and have embarked on a personal project, the Other Side of the Line, documenting those men who returned to work before the bitter year-long strike ended. I believe these accounts of the strike are important and need to be preserved for future generations to hear and to remember our industrial heritage. Anyone wanting to share their experiences of the strike and the aftermath is asked to contact me through the project’s website: www.othersideoftheline.co.uk/get-involved or call 07580 506287.

Vanessa Short
By e-mail

Herne Bay Times, January 9th 2014