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Wildlife gardening

The importance of wildlife corridors is recognised, and the council is changing its maintenance regimes to encourage wildlife reserves on appropriate roadside verges, hedges, and grass areas, in accordance with the Natural Environment and Communities Act (NERC). The city council continues to work with Kent County Council and Kent Wildlife Trust in producing information packs on gardening for wildlife. Additionally …

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Wildlife survey on the Downs

The Friends of the Downs launch the 2011 Wildlife Survey The Friends of the Downs and CCC are developing a long-term plan for the Downs, and need to know what wildlife already lives here. The Friends will be working with Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT) and other nature groups to survey the flora and fauna on the Downs over the coming …

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Oympics to generate “hundreds more flights”

THE number of flights in and out of Lydd Airport could soar during the 2012 Olympics, it has emerged. Speaking at the public inquiry last week, consultant Nigel Deacon, of Airfield Wildlife Management Ltd, admitted the airport has been asked to help bring in “business guests” for the games next year. He said: “The airport has been accepted to bring …

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Alien pods invade. Town calm, oblivious.

click it to big itOfficially alien, inert but somehow threatening, Satan’s Smarties have been popping up all over. Once you’ve got your eye in, you realise that they’ve been hiding in plain sight. Cunning. Looking like larger-than-life models of microscopically disgusting nano-life, they are the pupal or chrysalis stage of a ladybird. Not just any old ladybird, though: the Harlequin …

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Signage for the Downage has arrived!

The long-awaited information panels have arrived on the Downs. These have been nearly two years in the making, with the world at large getting a peek in the last couple of months. Here are the “before and after consultation” versions of the panels and below them, for what it’s worth, is what I sent the nice people at CCC. Here’s some …

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Flora and Fauna

I’m looking for more information about the range of species, the natural richness, the biodiversity of The Downs. Buttercups, butterflies, bugs, bunnies, birds, bats, whatever – it all counts. Tell me what you have seen with your own eyes. I’ve seen kestrel, stonechat, curlew, avocet, turnstone, redshank, slow worm, rabbit, some mousey/voley/shrewy type things – bit hard to tell… (More …

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