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Roger Gale – joker or knave?

Oh dear, oh dear, that Rodge, he just can’t help himself when it comes to his emotional attachment to that poor old failed airport. Facts become irrelevant in his desperate desire to resurrect any kind of an airport from the ashes of the extinct one. In the recent one-and-a-half page Gazette puff for Sir Roger’s views as Conservative candidate for Thanet …

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Manston airport: owners consider reporting Tories to Electoral…

Site owners are taking legal advice on today’s announcement by the Conservatives Comments (1) THE owners of the Manston airport site are considering whether to make a formal complaint to the Electoral Commission about an announcement made by the Conservatives earlier today. Transport minister John Hayes announced today he was “satisfied” by the indemnity offered by RiverOak, to protect the council …

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Bristow Helicopters could move search and rescue service to Lydd…

Bristow previously planned to base its search and rescue operations for the south east at Manston Comments (0) BRISTOW Helicopters is reportedly speaking to officials at Lydd Airport about moving its search and rescue operation there following the closure of Manston airport. Bristow were due to use Manston airport as a base for its south east search and rescue services, provided …

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Manston, elections, and money

Dennis Franklin is a regular contributor to the IoT Gazette letters page, and sent us this letter to publish in full, just in case the Gazette doesn’t… I know what follows is lengthy, but I am trying to make some important points about Manston, forthcoming elections, and the use of public money. Also, I feel there have been more pro …

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Today’s the day!

It's the last day of the consultation on night flights, so if you haven't had your say yet - HURRY UP!

Click HERE to find out how it works, and how you can have your say.

Click HERE to see what others have already said.

Here's a snippet from the Isle of Thanet Gazette, followed by a short video from the talented Andrew Woodman...

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Elephant in the room: the biggest lies hide in plain sight

Charles Buchanan (Manston's CEO) recently published his night flights manifesto.

He had a page of his own in the Isle of Thanet Gazette to tell the world how important and wonderful night flights will be. He opened with:

"Firstly, I would like to make clear we are asking for limited, managed and mitigated night-time operations policy - not unlimited night flights."

Let's look a bit more closely at the last four words of that sentence, the ones that sound quite reassuring.

We all understand the word "not", so that's OK. And we all understand what Mr Buchanan means when he says "flight", so that's fine.

What about "night"?

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Protesters claim research is misleading

Campaigners against proposals for regular night flights at Manston airport have questioned research claiming growth would provide 3,000 jobs. Campaigners from the No To Night Flights group questioned the basis for the figures. They claim Bournemouth airport handles 1 million passengers with 247 jobs and Stansted estimated its jobs total will soon fall to 330 per 1 million passengers.

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