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Thanet rejects Manston night flights

More than 2,000 residents air their views

More than 2,000 residents took the time to air their views as part of the council’s public consultation on proposals for regular night-time flying at Manston Airport. The majority were opposed to the implementation of regular night-time flying, with approximately 73% opposed, 26% in favour and 1% not clearly stating a position.

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Herne Bay rejects Manston night flights

As you probably know, Manston airport recently presented Thanet District Council with a proposal for scheduled night flights. TDC eventually organised a brief public consultation. Manston airport is obviously outside Canterbury’s feudal realm of control, but TDC agreed to let CCC have an input to the consultation… The agreement was that CCC would be sent copies of all the submissions …

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Planning permission for Manston

Manston airport sale "a chance to introduce proper planning"

News that Manston airport is up for sale is confirmation that the local infrastructure is not sufficient to sustain an airport, according to one of the most respected campaign group in the country.

Manston’s New Zealand owner, lnfratil, announced it was selling the site because it wanted to “refocus its investment profile" and concentrate on retail, production and supplying gas and electricity. The move puts 123 jobs at risk.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England says the sale is an ideal chance for Thanet council to put into force planning regulations protecting the interests of residents

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You say (35)

#Manston #nightflights

I would like to say at the very outset that I am AGAINST night flights in any shape or form, that is flights that arrive or take off between the hours of 11.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. from Manston.

Apart from the fact that everyone needs a good night’s sleep in order to function properly the next day, it is my basic human right as defined by the European Court of Human Rights.

I feel that no airport anywhere should be even allowed to contemplate night flying unless all daytime capacity has been fully exhausted. My understanding is that even London Heathrow is only allowed a minimum of night flights per annum and as we all know, this is one of the busiest airports in the world. Noise quotas should have no bearing on night flights. The simple fact of the matter is that if it wakes me up its too loud!

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You say… what you think

As you probably know by now, Thanet District Council have launched their public consultation (or mini-consultation, perhaps). It ends on Friday March 2nd, so if you haven’t already told them what you think about Manston’s night flights proposal, it’s time to get typing or scribbling. Do bear in mind that, regardless of what you may read in the press, this …

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You say (27)

#Manston #nightflights

Dear Sir/ Madam

My husband and I are against any night flying at Manston Airport.

We have already been warned of some night flights during the summer Olympics, to allow V.I.P.s. to come and go at their convenience.

During a normal summer, when sitting quietly in our garden, we have to endure  endless circuits by empty planes to earn the airport some revenue. This is bad enough.

If the council permits night flying, they will have betrayed the people of Ramsgate and this will be remembered by us in any forthcoming elections.

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

Dear Thanet District Council.

My Family and I are strongly against the night flights at Kent International Airport (Manston).

We live on the direct flight path on the Nethercourt estate

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You say (22)

#Manston #nightflights

Dear Reader - this one's a cracker! Grab yourself a cup of tea, or a pint of gin, snuggle down and enjoy...

I am a resident of Ramsgate. I live directly in the approach flight-path for Manston within three miles of the runway threshold. I would like to register my objection to Infratil’s suggestion that they should be allowed conduct night-flights.

Since the airport was privatised I have been disturbed by night-flying on a number of occasions. I have used the airport’s complaints system but this has only ever resulted in my receiving a letter from the airport telling me that the flight concerned was operating safely.

Thanet District Council is fully aware that night-flights arriving at and departing from Manston wake me from my sleep. I contacted the Council on three occasions last year to complain about being woken. On one of those occasions Laura Sandys contacted the Council on my behalf. Thanet District Council failed to answer the questions I asked in my correspondence and, consequently, I have requested that the matter be the subject of a formal complaint.

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You say (4)

#Manston #nightflights

As Ramsgate rate-payers in an urban post-code directly affected by Manston air traffic, we wish to register our protest at the prospect of night-flights in and out of Manston airport between the hours of 11pm and 7am.

The health, rest and quality of life of the rate-paying residents of this historic part of Kent should be paramount in the consideration of Thanet District Council, and we urge you to reject the Manston night-flight proposals.

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

Passenger Flight have failed every time they have been introduced.

The Cargo Planes are incredibly noisy - even Double Glazing does not block the noise. Are you going to install Triple Glazing in all properties affected by this?

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Cut out the middleman

Looks like Manston may want to filter any responses it receives in the night flight consultation process.

A couple of our readers are shocked and horrified. Not only has Manston somehow managed to insert itself into the consultation process (by inviting people to send their responses direct to the airport), but it appears that anything the airport receives will not necessarily be sent to TDC.

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At last, Herne Bay gets a mention

Herne Bay residents will be delighted that our Council has finally stirred itself. They will be looking at all the responses from the CCC area, collating them, and presenting Canterbury's considered opinion.

Hopefully, this will mean that the views of Herne Bay residents will, in effect, be presented twice - firstly in TDC's analysis of the responses, and secondly when reiterated by Canterbury.

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