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Infratil is selling Manston, but wants to buy Stansted. Why?

In March 2012, Infratil announced that Manston was up for sale because it wanted to “refocus its investment profile” and concentrate on retail, production and supplying gas and electricity. What they didn’t mention in their press releases was that Manston had lost them money hand over fist ever since they bought it. In the previous couple of years Infratil had …

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You say (5)

#Manston #nightflights

This email is to let you know that I am opposed to night flights at Manston on the grounds that I live directly under the flight path the noise will cause the deprivation of sleep which in itself is a heath risk. Tourism will be greatly affected with the loss of more jobs than will be created at Manston.

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I may be uniquely qualified to comment on the effect of night flights at Manston. I fly 25K- 30K miles a year usually spread over between 8 and 12 flights, so spend quite a lot of time at and travelling to, airports. Because of the geographical spread of my family I spend several months living close to Sydney, Kingsford Smith airport, I spend some weeks about 15 miles from Stansted Airport and most of the rest of the time in Broadstairs.

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