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Cancelled route is restored after chaos on buses

Stagecoach has been forced into a U-turn after scrapping a popular city bus service. The company’s boss faced angry questioning this week over the loss of the number 22 bus, winch ran between the London Road Estate in Canterbury and the St Dunstan’s area. The changes – introduced in September – led to complaints of hugely increased journey times, with …

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St Dunstan’s scheme

There have been some hysterical letters in your pages recently about proposed changes to traffic in the St Dunstan’s area. Rather than considering each proposed change in turn on its merits, or otherwise, correspondents have lumi them all together under the unhelpful title “Westgate Towers’ Little Brother” and seen them as evidence of a plot to undermine the results of …

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Now get set for ‘Little Brother’

Ominous dark storm clouds covered the sky over Canterbury yesterday (Wednesday) morning as it emerged the county council is secretly working on a fresh road system for St Dunstan’s. Already being called the “Little Brother” of the original Westgate Towers traffic trial, the plans mirror key elements of the controversial year-long scheme which died last year. These include retaining the …

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