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Oooh, look – we’re on telly!

The BBC have been doing a video survey around Britain’s coast, and arrived at Herne Bay: Larger seaside resorts in the South East such as Hastings, Eastbourne and Margate have attracted significant investment with millions of pounds being spent on the Jerwood, the Towner and the Turner Contemporary galleries. How are smaller resorts such as Herne Bay holding their own …

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Delicatessen plundered for scrap twice in one week

Metal thieves are running rampant through Herne Bay and not even your kitchen equipment is safe, according to one trader. Delicatessen boss Steve Dansey said his fridge has been plundered for parts – not once but twice in recent weeks. He said: “My fridge was delivered on a Monday. On Tuesday when we went to assemble it we saw all …

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Former jet-setter finds the good life on the farm

The way Steve Dansey tells it; one minute he was a milkman, the next minute head of IT security at a major global corporation. Now he's running a farm in Whitstable and making sausages that he sells in his delicatessen on Herne Bay high street. It's a career trajectory so unlikely it makes you do a double-take.

The 52-year-old makes the move from dropping off bottles of semi-skimmed to scanning the files of international banks on the hunt for fraud sound disarmingly simple. And the sausages? Just a return to his roots as a butcher's boy and son of a meat salesman… He told Ed Targett how he ended up with thousands of pear trees, a herd of Badger Face Sheep and an injunction from Canterbury City Council...

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Toad works ahead

Reptiles ready to move in A giant cane toad is among Terry Matthews’ friends moving to a new home in Sea Street, Herne Bay, on 1st July. His Penfolds reptile and amphibian centre will be stocking exotic pets from boa constrictor snakes to tortoises. Terry, the son of former city councillor Roger Matthews, said: “My dad had a tropical fish …

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Better ways to improve to which would cost less

Regarding the plan to regenerate the centre of Herne Bay (Goodbye To All That At A Cost of £35m, Herne Bay Gazette, January 21). Personally, I do not think too much of it.  If you are spending so much money, I can’t see where there will be any profit. The money could be spent more wisely in keeping the roads …

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Iceland comes to Herne Bay!

Mums may go to Iceland, but the frozen food giant is coming to Herne Bay. A new store is taking over the old Woolworths site in Mortimer Street and could open by the end of March after the popular supermarket chain snapped up the building last week. It was one of 51 empty Woolworths stores added to Iceland's catalogue of more than 700 nationwide. The move has ended speculation bubbling around the town since the site was boarded-up at the end of last month.

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