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Meeting with CCC at the King’s Hall

[Rosemary Selling was taking proper minutes – this is the condensed version…] FotD: Cllr Gillian Reuby, Phil Rose, Ros McIntryre, Phil CheesemanCCC Outdoor Leisure: Richard Griffiths, Rosemary SellingCCC Street Scene: Richard DavidsonKent Wildlife Trust: Fred Booth 1. Richard Griffiths (RG) told us that the Downs Management Plan would now be part of a wider Management Plan for the QE2 Coastal …

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A sad, bad day

The Victorian shelter by the King’s Hall has been burnt down by a scumbag or scumbags unknown. At the moment, it is unclear whether it was (a) charmless drunken youths, or (b) a local resident wanting to deny the aforementioned youths a meeting place. The CCTV on the HB Sailing Club shows the fire starting at about 2:45am, and going …

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