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Quick question

A reader writes:

Have recently become more involved in NNF's campaign. Much to digest and eventually understand. Have emailed Manston, MP/councillors about recent flights - as per your website advice.

What I don't quite understand at the moment is - when flights do come over during the restricted hours - who/which organisation has responsibility to decide if they are operating outside of the current agreement/legislation and then who/what organisation then places fines etc onto Infratil?

Thank you for your time.


Hmmm... good questions, which highlight the shortcomings of the current S106 agreement between the Council and the airport.

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Manston’s 2012 schedule

Just to let you know what's coming, here's a timetable that Manston can start operating the day after TDC accepts their proposed night flying policy. 

Currently, daytime flying at the airport is completely free of restrictions regarding the numbers and noisiness of aircraft. Manston's new policy turns night into day. The first half-hour of night, and the last hour of night, would be as free of restrictions as the daytime.

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Questions for TDC for the consultation

Eleven pointed questions

Here's an economy dozen of the finest, freshest questions to come marching in the door, demanding answers.
QUESTION 1 Would you please ask TDC to put the Schedule 106 currently applicable to Kent International/ Manston Airport up on its website so that the electorate can see what it says?
QUESTION 2 I notice that Infratil advises KIACC of the number of passenger and cargo flights each month...

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