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Sandy sure is guilty

A unanimous verdict on all counts. Cue lots of tutting, head-shaking and eye-rolling across Thanet and east Kent. Cue many changes of underwear at TDC, as the police widen their enquiries… Former Conservative Thanet council leader Sandy Ezekiel has been found guilty of four counts of misconduct in public office. Ezekiel, 59, has been on trial at Maidstone Crown Court …

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Night Flights vote

TDC listened, and said “No” – will Mr Buchanan get the message? On the face of it, it looks like a straightforward example of democracy at its best. If only. A local council is faced with a difficult decision that involves complex technical issues. Quite correctly it takes advice from technical experts – in this case, two separate firms of …

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OK folks, let’s get a grip before hysteria takes hold. There have been mutterings in the undergrowth for a while, and now ITV Meridian are obediently repeating the carefully leaked PR drivel. BAWC are going to save the whole of south-east England from flight congestion by, er, moving their flights from one part of the south-east to another. Hmmm… well, …

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Thanet the Movie: Welcome to the Casting Couch

The Hollywood moguls are salivating and the sets are being built - "Thanet the Movie" is underway. All that's left is the casting.

We already have a number of front runners, as you can see below, but we would like your help with some more suggestions. You can find more pictures of TDC counsellors here, Kent councillors here and here, you can add suggestions in the comments below, and you can send us pictures (jpegs) of your suggested lookalikes here.

Please don't restrict yourselves to Councillors - every notable character in Thanet and East Kent will have a role in this blockbuster!

Cllr Clive Hart: George Clooney

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Sandy Ezekiel is innocent

unless and until...


Former Thanet council leader Sandy Ezekiel has been arrested on suspicion of fraud and misconduct in public office. Mr Ezekiel, who represents Cliftonville East ward for the Conservative Party, was arrested on 5th October. He was interviewed by police at his home.

Mr Ezekiel, 58, said he was unable to discuss details of the allegations for legal reasons, but confirmed he had been aware of an issue since May. He said:

"There is no wrongdoing on my part. This is the kind of thing you have to put up with if you are involved in local politics, it's as simple as that."

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London Array connects to Thanet

The world’s largest wind farm, to be built off the coast of Thanet, will bring hundreds of new jobs to the Isle of Thanet. The team behind the London Array project has chosen Ramsgate port as the location for their new 1,800sq m operations and maintenance headquarters. The move to the two-storey centre means employment for 20 office staff and 70 technicians. If approved, the building will also be used as warehouse space for storing parts for the 275 wind turbines.

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BA plans cargo flights from Manston

British Airways, seen landing at Manston on Wednesday after redirection due to a fluid spillage, could be flying cargo from the airport as easrly as May

British Airways, seen landing at Manston on Wednesday after redirection due to a fluid spillage, could be flying cargo from the airport as easrly as May. British Airways is understood to be planning cargo flights out of Manston from as early as May – a move that will create hundreds of jobs. Thanet council chiefs revealed on Wednesday that night flights over the isle could increase with the imminent arrival of a new freight operator.

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Council promises ‘hard negotiations’ with airport

A three month consultation has thrown up a range of concerns from residents in Thanet, Sturry and Herne Bay, that will be discussed with Manston airport owners, PlaneStation. Inappropriate penalties, inadequate noise monitoring, off-route aircraft, and concern that cargo flights may increase, were among the worries voiced. Council leader Cllr Sandy Ezekiel pledged that the local authority would "go into hard negotiations" with the airport owners over a revised Section 106 environmental agreement that will update the original five-year-old voluntary agreement that he described as "rather woolly".

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Airport broke night flight rules

Manston airport has been fined £52,000 by Thanet Council for operating night flights that break an environmental agreement. The Section 106 clause specifies that no flights can take off from the airport between 11pm and 07am, but it does allow for a maximum of 12 humanitarian, mercy or emergency flights by relief organisations during any calendar year between those times. …

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