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Changing of the guard at city council

One of the most striking aspects of the ballot papers for the Canterbury City Council election is the failure of Ukip and the Lib Dems to fill their quota of candidates. The Lib Dems are fighting all the wards in Canterbury, Whitstable and the rural areas, but are only putting up three candidates in Herne Bay – seven fewer than …

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Canterbury city councillor and magistrate Ron Flaherty has died at his home in Herne Bay aged 70

Herne Bay councillor, former Sheriff of Canterbury and magistrate Ron Flaherty has died aged 70. The Liberal Democrat had represented the Heron ward on Canterbury City Canterbury since 1991 and was well-known for his sense of civic duty and commitment to constituents. Cllr Flaherty passed away following a short battle with cancer at 7.40pm on Thursday evening at the house in …

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‘Our bags need to be seagull-proof to stop this mess’

GULL GARBAGE A campaigner has sparked a debate by calling for measures to protect bin bags from seagull attacks. Charlotte Cornell says residents in narrow streets in Herne Bay and Whitstable still have to use bags because lorries cannot get access to the homes. The Labour party activist says that gulls attack the bags and it ruins the ambience of …

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Sense prevails, flagpole safe.

So they won’t be knocking it down, but the Engineers say it’s nearing the end of its life. Has anyone thought of repairing it? “A stitch in time saves nine”  as my Gran would say. “Make do and mend” that was another catch-phrase. The flagpole opposite Herne Bay pier has been saved – for now. The Gazette exclusively revealed last …

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Pier flagpole under threat

Plans to remove the flagpole at the front of the pier could be rushed through to save money, say opposition groups. On Monday the council’s regeneration group will discuss getting rid of the rarely-used mast near the pier entrance and transforming the area into an events space. Although the group has no decision-making power, it may recommend the plans to …

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Host of opportunities to put town on the map

A town on the up – that was the message from town manager Chris West for councillors. Mr West said Herne Bay was enjoying notable retail successes, including the opening of independent shop Berries Cake-Away and the arrival of clothing chain Peacocks.

At a meeting of the town's area member panel last week he also reported that the Bay had one of Kent's lowest numbers of empty shops at 5.4 per cent. This is in stark contrast to Margate with 37 per cent. Peter Lee, councillor for West Bay, spoke about the recent departure of Currys from the town centre.

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Post mortem and the afterlife

May’s election is done and dusted, the rosettes stored away, the leaflets recycled, and the manifesto promises are just fading memories. What are we left with for the next four years, here in sunny Herne Bay? Well, we’ve got eight of the old guard (one re-badged) and five newbies – a decent rate of turnover, by the look of it. …

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Fishing ban reviewed

Councillors will discuss the fishing ban at the Memorial Park fishing lake at the town’s members panel on Tuesday. Bay resident Andy Newell was incensed ‘no fishing’ signs had appeared at the lake and asked Councillor Ron Flaherty to raise the issue. Byelaw 10 (iii) says it is illegal to “attempt to take, injure or destroy, any fish in any …

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