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Why Sir Gale needs to do much better

I READ with interest Joanne Killeen’s letter about Barton Court Grammar school. I recall in the 1990s when Roger Gale MP, now a Sir, made similar disagreeable comments about Herne Bay High School and backed the closure of HBHS. Ironically, Sir’s plan with KCC was to turn HBHS into Barton Court Grammar School; the idea was to sell off Barton …

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Brazen thieves take woman’s car wheels

Linda livid at raid outside sheltered housing BAREFACED thieves stole two whole wheels from a car parked outside a sheltered housing block – just four weeks after owner Linda Holland moved in. The grandmother-of-nine, 58, was furious when she discovered her Ford Ka sitting only on its brake discs after the theft on Saturday evening, outside Telford Court in Collins …

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Local Plan: Herne’s identity at risk

People in Herne “have right to be concerned” about the inclusion of Strode Farm on the Local Plan. In it the council says it would be likely to approve plans for 800 homes being built there. The plan also says a relief road would need to be built for Herne, linking Canterbury Road with Bullockstone Road. Locals have expressed fears …

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Local Plan: school on the golf course

A new school could be built in Herne Bay after land was ear-marked for educational development in the draft Local Plan. Developers behind proposals for the former golf club confirmed talks are ongoing about putting a new secondary school on the site, along with a sports hub, supermarket and about 400 homes. A map published with the Local Plan lays …

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Local Plan: Target of 3,000 homes is “over-ambitious”

Almost 3,000 homes, two new schools and a sports hub have been earmarked for Herne Bay in a controversial council document. The huge developments on four sites in the town were included in the draft Local Plan. It means applications for massive housing estates in Herne, Hillborough, Greenhill and on the former golf club site are almost certain to get …

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Pier Trust Chair puts her case

Doreen Stone (co-Chair of the HBPT) posted this on the “official” Pier Trust Facebook site, in response to Graham Cooper’s letter. Hello members and friends, I am responding to Graham’s post I understand from the HB Times that rebuild were contacted by Liz. The facts and figures were extracted without doctoring or special selection to make a point. the basic …

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Pier Trust Chair criticises Pier Trust Rebuild Group

This email went to HB Pier Trust members on 29th Jan: Yours Views are Urgently Sort Dear Member This email is crucial to the future direction of the Herne Bay Pier Trust. I earnestly ask you to respond, however briefly. For too long the feedback to trustees has come from a vocal minority and now we are seeking the views …

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Knight vision

I wonder if Sir Roger Gale MP understands aviation. He says that "the new Secretary of State for Transport, Justine Greening, needs to take a long, hard, look at the available and under-used facilities that already exist. That must, of course, include Manston." And then what? What does he think will happen after this purposeful looking?

The top end of the aviation industry is characterised by huge budgets and small margins. The successful players continually examine and re-examine every opportunity the market has to offer. It is a very pure form of market-driven capitalism, and as his ex-Boss once said "You can't buck the market".

The major (and minor) players in the aviation industry have been examining, and then rejecting, Manston for over a decade. In addition, throughout that time, each owner of Manston has been doing their utmost to attract business. Does Sir Roger really think that a thoughtful stare from a Secretary of State is going to transform a history of hard-headed rejections into a future of warm-hearted embraces?

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Red Lion villagers declare war on Tesco

Campaigners have fired the opening shots in their fight to keep Tesco from taking over a former village pub. Protestors have set up Facebook pages and a website, nototesco.org, after almost 1,000 people packed a public meeting to discuss the controversial plans for the empty Upper Red Lion pub in Herne. Villagers braved rain and freezing winds and kept coming …

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Massive anti-Tesco protest rally at Herne

Villagers turn out in force to fight Tesco Tesco was set to hold talks with councillors today (12th Jan) after 500 people piled into a village church to oppose a new store in Herne. There were incredible scenes as hundreds turned out to vent their anger at the supermarket giant’s plans to move into the Upper Red Lion pub. The …

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