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Tories face rebellion on beach hut rent increase

Council under pressure to delay its decision RULING Tory councillors could face opposition from their own party tonight (Thursday) as they debate proposals to increase beach hut rents. Both Whitstable and Herne Bay area member panels voted to ask for the decision to be delayed to allow hut owners to get legal advice, after council lawyers said they must pay …

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Post mortem and the afterlife

May’s election is done and dusted, the rosettes stored away, the leaflets recycled, and the manifesto promises are just fading memories. What are we left with for the next four years, here in sunny Herne Bay? Well, we’ve got eight of the old guard (one re-badged) and five newbies – a decent rate of turnover, by the look of it. …

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Robert Bright

HBM Best of a bad bunch? about 3 years ago Post mortem and the afterlife about 3 years ago Robert Bright about 3 years ago Mixed reception for development plans about 4 years ago Shame about 5 years ago

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Mixed reception for development plans

Ambitious plans for a £35 million regeneration of Herne Bay town centre have been met with mixed reactions. Scores of people packed into the Salvation Army Hall on Tuesday as Bay councillors gave their views. The scheme, led by developers Denne Construction and regeneration experts Coplan Estates, includes a supermarket, shopping centre, homes, multi-storey car park, hotel and a medical centre. It could be complete as early as 2014. Concerns have been raised that the development will draw people away from shops in Mortimer Street, but that suggestion was shot down by finance guru Cllr Peter Lee.

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It’s like pulling hen’s teeth

Apologies for the mixed metaphor, but getting a straight answer out of CCC is slow and painful, and results are few and far between. Here’s a case in point: the forces of Mordor (aka Canterbury City Council) have fixed their beady little eyes on a slice of The Downs, with a view to turning a fast buck. Before they can …

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