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Outer ring road will ease congestion

It is hardly surprising that interest in fourth slip road from the A2 into the Wincheap commercial estate is waning. The previous slip road from the A28 onto the London bound A2 was heralded as a solution to Wincheap’s traffic problems, but as users of the A28 will know the traffic, if anything, has got worse there since it was …

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Traders’ fury at roadworks delay

Workmen sent elsewhere to’more important jobs’ The absence of contractors resurfacing Sea Street has sparked fears the £170,000 job will not be finished on time. Angry traders and residents have criticised council road chiefs following claims the workers have been diverted to “more important jobs”. The half dug-up site – which is causing traffic misery in the town — has …

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Difficult journey but it’ll be worth it

Last week’s front page headline Road To Nowhere gave a somewhat overstated impression of chaos in and around the roadworks at Sea Street (Herne Bay Gazette, May 8). Even though the resident you quoted made some important points reminding drivers to take care and not get themselves into multi-point turns trying to reverse in very narrow streets like Cobblers Bridge …

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Road to nowhere

Fury over roadworks chaos Hot-headed drivers have been told to cool it after town centre roadworks caused tempers to flare this week. Work costing £170,000 has begun to resurface parts of Sea Street — but the hold-ups and diversions have caused misery for motorists. One was even seen to ignore signs and smash through a barrier. Elena McEwan, whose husband …

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Road rage over ‘confusing’ signs

Leave more time for journeys plea as pot hole repairs lead to traffic chaos Hot-headed drivers have been told to cool it after barriers and roadworks led to traffic chaos in Herne Bay this week. Tempers have flared after work began on Tuesday to repair the pot holed roads leading to the roundabout in Sea Street. The works are set …

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Pothole works Kent County Council will be holding a public meeting tomorrow night to reveal plans about roadworks in Sea Street. The works are set to begin in May and will replace the existing potholed surface at a cost of £170,000. UKIP county councillors Brian MacDowall and Nicholas Bond had made the improvements their number one priority when they were …

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