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National Motorists Action Group probes claims Canterbury City Council’s parking signs are unlawful

Investigators are examining claims the city council has doled out thousands of unlawful parking tickets in Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay. A UK-wide motorists’ watchdog has referred the authority’s enforcement policy to the district auditor claiming “long-time serious irregularities”. National Motorists’ Action Group (NMAG) says that parking signs throughout the district are illegally worded and rely on a misinterpretation of …

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Aviation minister unclear on Manston airport site ownership

Aviation minister Robert Goodwill, (left) and government deputy aviation policy adviser Ben Smith Comments (0) AVIATION minister Robert Goodwill MP has told the Transport Select Committee he is not clear who owns the Manston airport site. The minister gave evidence at a hearing today (Monday) alongside the Department for Transport’s deputy aviation policy adviser Ben Smith. Committee members grilled the pair on …

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Key points for Monday 20th October

We would like to raise the following points at the Governance Commission meeting on Monday 20th October:- 1. DESIGN PRINCIPLES (Section 1):‘Engagement’ appears as an afterthought, a poor relation of Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. We suggest that ‘Empowerment’, ‘Transparency’, and ‘Accountability’ should be added, to achieve the right balance between ‘Best Value’ principles and ‘Democratic Process’ principles. The one-word principles …

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Fylde with gladness

Our trail-blazing chums in Fylde, Lancashire got the result they fought long and hard for, in the face of stiff resistance from their local council. It’s can be done, and we can do it. Fylde to abolish cabinet system following referendum Voters have forced Fylde Borough Council to abandon its cabinet structure and adopt a committee-based system, following a local …

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Local Plan: Responding Online

[from the CCC website] The instructions below will help guide you to make comments on-line. If you need more help, then please contact CCC using the contact details at the bottom of the page. 1: Open the Consultation Portal Go to http://canterbury-consult.objective.co.uk/portal/ between the 20th June and the 30th August 2013. Select ‘Canterbury District Local Plan Preferred Option Consultation 2013’ …

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Night Flights vote – political views

Although supportive of Manston Airport, Thanet District Council agreed at Full Council last night (24th May) that it could not support the introduction of the airport's proposed scheduled night-time flying. Councillors were considering the council's consultation response to proposals submitted by airport owners Infratil to introduce night flying operations between 23:00 hours and 07:00 hours.

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Night Flights vote – press coverage

Vote against Manston Airport night flights plan BBC 25th May 2012 Plans for night flights from Manston Airport in Kent have been opposed by Thanet District Council. At a meeting on Thursday, the Labour-controlled council voted against all night flights to or from the airport. Charles Buchanan, the airport’s chief executive, said: “We are disappointed the council is not supporting …

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Bus day in Ramsgate

We were down at the harbour for most of the morning because the press wanted us to be there at 10, 11 and 12 so, given that we wanted maximum publicity, we needed to do that.

Unfortunately the splendid and venerable bus, loaned to us by a Ramsgate resident and supporter, broke down in Queen Street and so we were unable to get all around town as planned - apologies to all those who had camped out waiting for a glimpse!

We were delighted with the response, lots of people came out to support, we were able to speak to residents and visitors who were unaware of the proposal, and we were able to speak to people about the facts etc etc.

Here are some of the highlights of the day - do feel free to add your own...

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Elephant in the room: the biggest lies hide in plain sight

Charles Buchanan (Manston's CEO) recently published his night flights manifesto.

He had a page of his own in the Isle of Thanet Gazette to tell the world how important and wonderful night flights will be. He opened with:

"Firstly, I would like to make clear we are asking for limited, managed and mitigated night-time operations policy - not unlimited night flights."

Let's look a bit more closely at the last four words of that sentence, the ones that sound quite reassuring.

We all understand the word "not", so that's OK. And we all understand what Mr Buchanan means when he says "flight", so that's fine.

What about "night"?

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You say (11)

#Manston #nightflights

We are totally against the extension of the time frame during which night flights are to be allowed.It is bad for our health and well-being and will do nothing to create a significant increase in jobs at the airport.

The present no-flights time frame of 11.00 pm to 7.00 is frequently not observed. We have been awakened by flights at 01.30 am, 04.30 am and more. Even though there is a no night flights policy in operation, this is frequently broken.

What we want is a no night flights policy which is observed.

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

I am against night flights between 11pm and 7am.

We are immediately under the flight path that comes it across Herne Bay and much of the time planes come over very low when flying at night using large freight craft many of which will be old and noisy.

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