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I am AGAINST night flights from Manston airport.


Living on the Nethercourt estate we bear the brunt of flights to and from the airport. The noise is so loud that we are afraid the planes will hit the roof of our house and is very frightening. We are woken up every time and it is difficult to get back to sleep again. If this happens as a regular event several times a night our health and well being will deteriorate rapidly, as has been proved medically

The more flights there are, there is more damage to the structure of the house and roof.

It causes animals to become traumatised at night by loud noises, I have even seen foxes and birds frightened at night.

It would be far better to develop the tourist trade of the area which will provide more jobs than the airport will.

We are too far east of Britain to make it a suitable area for a large airport the distances are too great for travel to the rest of the UK.

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

Dear Sirs,

I am emailing to notify my strong opposition to the Manston night flight proposals. I and my family are living in Herne Bay immediately beneath the inbound flight path for aircraft approaching Manston from the East, and have for many years suffered the noise, pollution and danger created by the old aircraft used.

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