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Yvonne Bryce says she is lucky to be alive

A shocked grandmother says she is lucky to be alive after a young boy threw a brick at her car’s windscreen as she drove along a main road. Yvonne Bryce, 63, was driving home on the Old Thanet Way when the boy – thought to be no older than 10 – hurled the object at her car and smashed the …

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Herne Bay carnival chairman denies accusations that court selection is outdated

The chairman of Herne Bay carnival has rubbished claims that the selection of a queen and princesses presents the wrong image of success to girls. Andy Birkett is starting his 26th year organising the summer event, where local businesses and community groups parade along the seafront. But this year’s selection of a new Miss Herne Bay and a carnival court …

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Doris the giant tube web spider keeps Whitstable conservatory pest-free by eating false widows

A monster spider, which even preys on the feared false widow, has been found in a Whitstable conservatory. The creepy, black-bodied creature is believed to be a Segestria Florentina, also known as the tube web spider – the largest spider species in the UK. The eight-legged beast crawled out from a thick nest inside Dee Stringer’s conservatory in Milstrood Road …

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