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Victorian Shelter

In a nutshell Our Victorian Shelter was burned to the ground in 2011, and not a lot has happened since, but our Council now wants us to show them that we DO want it replaced. There is an online petition on the Council website that you can sign – bit.ly/VSPET – and there is a paper petition that you can …

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We keep being told that a petition to “save” Manston airport was submitted to TDC with more than 8,000 signatures. It is also claimed that a petition of over 26,000 signatures was delivered to Downing Street. It’s really hard to get TDC to spell out the truth about the validity of the petitions that were submitted to the Council. Here’s …

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Petition Drop-off Points

We’ve got a big day coming up on Monday, so do please take any signed petitions to one of the lovely people at our drop-off points, listed below. 92 High StreetBridge CT4 5LB Revivals42 St Peter’s StreetCanterbury CT1 2BG Sweet Magic115a Mortimer StreetHerne Bay CT6 5EX 56 Beacon HillHerne Bay CT6 6JN The Labour Club12 Belmont RoadWhitstable CT5 1QP Herbaceous27 …

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Reaction to the Council vote

The Campaign for Democracy in Canterbury District (CDCD) welcomes the adoption of the motion at last Thursday night’s Council meeting to reform the way in which the Council makes decisions. We see it as a good first step, but we do not yet know what the outcome will be, and whether it will lead to a real change.  We do …

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Thursday night at the Guildhall

"Unprecedented" democracy debate to take place

Campaigners are expected to pack a meeting on Thursday for a debate on the issue of local democracy. Members of the Campaign for Democracy in Canterbury District are calling the meeting "unprecedented" because it will feature cross-party discussion on the way forward for Canterbury City Council.

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Cllr James Flanagan’s thinking

Many residents have asked me about the way our council makes decisions, and why a change from an Executive to Committee system is so important. The way in which our council is run is at the heart of local decision making. From refuse collection to housing, from planning to open spaces, Canterbury City Council affects our daily lives in more …

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Sign up, sign up! Signs of the times.

Campaigners calling for a change in the way the council collected more than 100 signatures in two hours with a street stall.

Members of the Campaign for Democracy in the Canterbury District set up the stall in St Peter's Street, Canterbury, on Friday as part of their bid to gather enough signatures to force a referendum on whether Canterbury City Council should return to the committee system.

They need 10% of the electorate, or 5,665 registered voters, for a referendum to take place in May next year alongside local elections and the General Election. CDCD member Richard Norman said:

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Deferral on Kingsmead land decision

Excellent news – Kingsmead has won a brief reprieve, thanks to the sheer number of written objections, and the huge support for the online petition. Discussion by Executive members of council proposals to appropriate land at Kingsmead for planning purposes has been deferred until the meeting on Thursday 21 June. Originally the Executive was due to consider the plan at …

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No Nightie Flights!

This is the film of the demonstration outside Thanet Council on May 17th by the campaigners against night flights at Manston airport. They argue that night flights disturb their sleep. Hence the bed and the night attire! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtbNkqgpTuU&w=640&h=360] Courtesy of the excellent people of Thanet Watch. One hundred campaigners against night flights at Manston airport turned out to present the …

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The great British tax scandal

The nice people at AVAAZ.org do their best to make the world a better place. One of their current online campaigns aims to encourage the British government to ensure that the largest and wealthiest corporations pay their dues.

You may have heard recently about the cosy deals that have been struck between Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (a.k.a. the taxman) and Vodafone in particular, allowing them years to pay their overdue taxes, and with no interest charges. This is in stark contrast to the way they treat small businesses and individuals.

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