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Spring’s lovely show of woodland plants

Nature Notes by Peter Gay April is usually a month of sunshine and showers, refreshing the ground after a March drought and giving us our long beautiful spring, the envy of many warmer countries where it is a fleeting season between winter and summer. Many woodland plants need to flower before the trees unfurl their leaves and cast them into …

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Eclipse in Kent likely to be overshadowed by clouds says South East Kent Astronomical Society

The weather could cast a cloud over hopes of seeing a rare eclipse of the sun on Friday morning. The forecast is for a gloomy day and local astronomers admit the chance of witnessing a good example of the phenomenon are slim. The best viewing in the UK will be across north-west Scotland, where 95% of the sun will be …

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It will soon be time for our reptiles to wake up

Nature Notes by Peter Gay Although some weather forecasters now consider that spring begins on March 1, I prefer the traditional date of the equinox, March 20/21, when the hours of darkness and light are equal and our gardens and countryside are bursting into life – the month when our native reptiles begin to wake from their winter slumber. Adders, …

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The evergreens that show off their beauty in winter

Nature notes by Peter Gay A winter stroll through the woods after the leavs have fallien shows how many native evergreen shrubs and trees contribute to their beauty. Tough butcher’s broom firms small, impenetrable thickets, often around the base of a tree. With its needle-sharp prickly leaves, it is easy to see why it was on called knee-holly or knee-holm. …

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Mild winter weather yields glorious spring

Nature Notes by Peter Gay Few areas of the country offer as many opportunities to hear nightingales as east Kent. The first usually arrive from southern Europe in mid-April, and by early May the beautiful song of the males may be heard in several woods that are regularly coppiced. Numbers fluctuate from year to year, but there are often quite …

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Sunny days — but beware those sharp frosts

Nature Notes by Peter Gay On a leafy bank something stirred in a small hollow in the gnarled roots of an old tree – common lizards were awakening to bask in the warm spring sunshine. Five eventually emerged to feed on beetles, grubs, flies and other small insects. They will mate later this month or in early May and the …

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