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St Dunstan’s scheme

There have been some hysterical letters in your pages recently about proposed changes to traffic in the St Dunstan’s area. Rather than considering each proposed change in turn on its merits, or otherwise, correspondents have lumi them all together under the unhelpful title “Westgate Towers’ Little Brother” and seen them as evidence of a plot to undermine the results of …

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How often do you see a full bus?

Can I ask Russell Page and Pat Marsh of the Canterbury Green Party why is it that the diesel I put in my car is unsustainable, yet when the same fuel is put into public transport, they claim it becomes sustainable (We Must Get People Out Of Their Cars, Letters and Opinion, Kentish Gazette, April 10)? Yes, there are plenty …

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Must get people out of their cars

Your headline in last week’s piece about the draft transport strategy, Bike vs Car…The Drive To Improve Our Roads, Kentish Gazette, April 3) was the only jarring note in otherwise excellent coverage. The scale of proposed development in the Local Plan means that the district faces massive increases in traffic levels on already-congested roads. Unless ways are found to encourage …

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