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Things have changed since they became MPs

What happened after our two Tories entered Parliament THE world today is a very different place to when our MPs first took office, back in the Thatcher-dominated era of the 1980s. Canterbury and Whitstable’s MP Julian Brazier joined the parliamentary ranks in 1987, while Sir Roger Gale has been representative for Thanet North since the constituency’s creation in 1983. Together …

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Aid should be for people not business

LAST week Parliament committed to spending at least 0.7 per cent of our gross national income on development aid. That is great news for our effort to support communities around the world, but now we need to make sure that our aid money is spent in the right way. An increasing amount of our aid budget is being spent on …

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POLL… General Election 2015: your candidates in Herne Bay

Comments (0) PARLIAMENT has dissolved and the starting gun has been fired for the 2015 General Election campaign. Six candidates are standing for the Thanet North constituency, which includes Herne Bay and has been held by Conservative Sir Roger Gale since 1983. Here is a look at the runners and riders hoping to secure the seat on May 7. Sir Roger …

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Gale’s View

by your MP Roger Gale I believe that those who have sent me to parliament, at least over the last 20 years or so, have had a fair idea of what they were getting for their money. Through columns and news items in the Herne Bay Gazette, on radio and on television, I have sought to make my beliefs clear. …

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Immigration is not our main problem

IN YOUR April 24 edition, you published the EU manifestos for all the political parties, and I am writing to challenge statements made by the Ukip candidate, particularly concerning immigration. Ukip claim that this country has seen more than 4 million immigrants over the last decade. While the 2011 census did show that there was a large increase in the …

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Ukraine’s cruel reminder of my political awakening

Gale’s View by your MP Sir Roger Gale I was, before I became an MP, a television producer and director. One of the questions that I find myself frequently asked is why I gave up this “glamorous” and over-paid profession to seek election to Parliament. Events in Ukraine have a bearing upon the answer. In 1956 Imre Nagy became, for …

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