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Rally brings renewed hope in fight for historic airport

A piece of my mind Julie Wassmer, TV writer, author and local campaigner Transport Minister at anniversary turn out ON MARCH 19, I joined a rally to mark the anniversary of the announcement of Manston Airport’s closure. Organisers had asked that we bring along “whistles, flags, everything you have” so that Ann Gloag could “hear us from Scotland”.  It was …

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We keep being told that a petition to “save” Manston airport was submitted to TDC with more than 8,000 signatures. It is also claimed that a petition of over 26,000 signatures was delivered to Downing Street. It’s really hard to get TDC to spell out the truth about the validity of the petitions that were submitted to the Council. Here’s …

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The most vocal supporters of the “cargo hub and knackers yard” pipedream, the starters of petitions, the cheerleaders for foreign property developers, and those who would have TDC take a “leap of faith” into the financial abyss… don’t live under the flight path and wouldn’t have to live with the consequences of their actions. But they’re perfectly happy to inflict a freight hub …

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