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Council chief executive ticketed for illegal parking

A council’s chief executive is accused of hypocrisy after he was caught parking his Jaguar on double yellow lines in Canterbury city centre. Colin Carmichael left his luxury saloon on lines, that were freshly painted by his employer to make it “absolutely clear” parking is not allowed. Mr Carmichael, who this week extolled the virtues of public transport, was ticketed …

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Railings essential for improving safety

I AGREE with the points raised by Terry Hudson (Your Views, November 19). The railings must be installed at the junction North Lane and St Dunstan’s, Canterbury. As a regular user of this junction far too many pedestrians prefer to cross the road at the junction rather than using the pedestrian crossing 15 yards down North Lane. These jaywalkers are …

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St Dunstan’s scheme

There have been some hysterical letters in your pages recently about proposed changes to traffic in the St Dunstan’s area. Rather than considering each proposed change in turn on its merits, or otherwise, correspondents have lumi them all together under the unhelpful title “Westgate Towers’ Little Brother” and seen them as evidence of a plot to undermine the results of …

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