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Woken in the small hours, 25th October

Hi There, Just to let you know that we were woken at exactly 03:00 Wednesday 26 October with a very noisy night flight over Beltinge, Herne Bay.  As my husband has to get up at 04:40 for a train to London he was not best pleased. Best regards, Hi, I complained via Manston’s website and received an almost instant reply… …

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Night Flight proposals to be outlined on Radio Kent 28th October 11am

Charles Buchanan will be giving the Night Flights new proposal to TDC Friday 28th October (as if they haven’t had it for a while already!) and will be announcing the highlights on BBC Radio Kent – 96.7FM and 104.2FM and DAB. BBC Radio Kent are having a “travel day” special on 28th October, and will be devoting 11am – 12 …

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Clown makes a serious point

An irate clown was in no mood for jokes when he arrived at Manston airport on Friday to highlight the "circus" over night-time flying. Sporting a wig, tartan suit and painted clown face, protester Malcolm Kirkaldie attended a meeting of the Kent International Airport Consultative Committee.

Mr Kirkaldie, a former committee member before he resigned in disgust this year, said Thanet council's failure to properly monitor night flights had made a mockery of the 106 agreement with New Zealand-based operators Infratil. He said:

"Given the recent events at the Airport Working Party and the admission of certain failures in the 106 agreement and monitoring, it has turned into a bit of a circus – so I thought how appropriate to dress up as a clown."

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That KIACC meeting, in a nutshell

For those of you who had better things to do on Friday evening, you can find out what you missed here: Ramsgate Rat merrily blogging away for the last year or so on all things Ramsgatey and ratty, has produced a very readable write-up of the evenings jollities, and local newshound Andrew Woodman who was scampering about with a digital …

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Does Manston already have a night flight schedule?

The proof may be sitting in your email account If we all get cracking on this, we may be able to present our case to Infratil and TDC at Friday’s KIACC meeting. The infuriatingly poor responses that are churned out by Manston’s complaints department do actually contain tiny grains of truth. With enough of these facts in one place, we …

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KIACC 21st October

KENT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEEMEETING IN PUBLICFriday 21st October 2011, 7pmAirport Departure Lounge, Manston Airport AGENDA Chairman’s welcome & opening Minutes of last meeting Matters Arising Short presentations from Community Fund recipients Report from the Airport Management (Charles Buchanan, CEO Manston Airport) The Leader of Thanet District Council, Cllr Bayford has been invited to address the meeting at this point …

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KIACC meeting

There will be a “meeting in public” of KIACC (the airport consultative committee) on Friday 21st October. The time has yet to be confirmed, but in will be in the evening, after they’ve had their “meeting in private”, probably starting some time between 6pm and 8pm. Full details will be posted here as soon as they’re made public. We are …

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TDC has lost control of Manston

At first I thought that might be a surprising, or even shocking, headline. But on reflection, I'm sorry to say it isn't. At all.

TDC have never really chosen to exercise any control; Manston does pretty much whatever it likes; and us poor sods who live under the flight path (especially those who have used Manston's pitiful complaints system) are all too well aware that Manston operates what is technically termed "uncontrolled airspace".

All this relates to the now infamous 5th October "Wakey Wakey Ramsgate" incident. As you will see from their confession, Manston ignored the S106 agreement and flew planes in and out through the night.

If they get their way with their next night flights application, we'll be getting this kind of misery every night. Click HERE to see who to write to, and keep writing to them until the penny drops.

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Psst! Want to buy an airport?

CEO confirms: Prestwick for the chop

Well, Dear Reader, you can tell your grandchildren that you read it here before you read it on Bloomberg!

Infratil's Supreme Commander has gone on record in an interview with Bloomberg telling the world that Prestwick doesn't have a long-term future in Infratil's portfolio, because it "isn't performing".

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Noise monitoring at Manston Airport

Noise? What Noise?

More needs to be done to monitor noise created by airplanes at Manston airport, Thanet council officers have admitted after a grilling by councillors.

During the meeting of the Airport Working Party last Wednesday, members quizzed council officials on what had been done to make sure Manston airport operator Infratil sticks to the conditions of its planning agreement, a Section 106, with the council. Labour councillor David Green said he did not think the monitoring was sufficiently independent or transparent, adding:

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