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Life under the flight path: 2

A reader writes: I recently was speaking with a woman and we got on to the topic of the airport, not from a political anti-airport point of view, just mums chatting at a toddler group. She told me about her washing! Funny little burn holes in her washing whilst it hangs on the line and she asked if we thought …

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Thanet’s favourite map

If you hurry, you might just be in time to be the 60,000th person to view our lovely little map that shows where the TDC councillors live in relation to Manston’s flight path…

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Life under the flight path


I attended your meeting at Chatham House School on Friday 25.11.11 and I was impressed to see so many like minded people ready to stand against Manston Airports plans, great meeting, great job done by all the speakers, keep up the good work.

I brought along a copy of a photo which I was asked to send to you. I live on a Mobile home park known as Smugglers Leap which is situated in a large chalk pit next to the Minster roundabout Ramsgate, this park is directly situated next to the flight path of planes coming into land from the Canterbury direction, I am supplying a photo of a 747 coming into land, the roof apex in this photo is my mobile home.

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Manston out-performed by a small hole in the ground

Sad but true. The numbers are in on this summer's Open Golf Championship at Sandwich, and they make good reading for the county. The direct economic boost and indirect benefit of TV coverage are valued at £77 million.

Each Open venue hosts the tournament about every ten years, so the once-a-decade display of supreme skill at the stick-ball-hole game works out at some £7.7 million a year of identifiable benefit to Kent.

Manston's latest night flight proposal rather optimistically assesses the airport's current contribution to the local economy at £3.8 million a year - less than half the impact of the Open even when the Open isn't on!

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Yanks for the memory

Ah yes, there are those who go misty-eyed at the memory of the USAF and their fantastically noisy jets at Manston. It appears that the memory is selective...

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Infratil selling Prestwick… Manston next?

This has been on the cards for a couple of months now. Infratil has been under increasing pressure from major share-holders in New Zealand to stop wasting time and money on the wrong side of the world.

Struggling Prestwick is almost completely dependent on a single commercially ruthless customer - a foolish and vulnerable position to have got into. When 98% of your business comes from one customer, that customer can call the shots - you've lost control of your business.

Barely struggling Manston has developed a pattern of attracting flakey customers, and has now stumbled, flat-footed, into the glare of international disapproval as a result of some particularly foolish greed.

It's not surprising that the Kiwis should want to crystallise their losses, and get home. TDC would then, of course, have to rifle through Brian White's old filing cabinets looking for a very slim folder labelled "Plan B".

The time and effort spent fussing over Manston's life support sysytem would be far better spent researching and launching a viable and sustainable "economic and social engine".

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Manston winces in the glare of publicity

The Iran Air Fuel Fiasco has been an international PR disaster for the airport. As Maxim PR (the airport's own PR company) says on its website: "You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep".

One consequence of this shambles is that all Manston's customers will be watched more closely in future, which may not please all of them.

Charles Buchanan's comments in this BBC article make it clear that it is the airport's desperation for money that led them into this geo-political minefield, and that they're giving up this revenue stream very reluctantly. Incidentally, this story makes a lot more sense if you replace the word "ethics" with the phrase "public relations"...

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Great public speaking

Just when you thought the world was going to Hell in a handcart, here's an excellent four minutes' worth of 24 carat common sense, out loud, and in public. Enjoy.

This is from the recent KIACC meeting. If you want to see and hear more good stuff like this, come to the No Night Flights meeting on Friday 25th November, at 7pm in Chatham House School in Chatham Street, Ramsgate.

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Good Luck!

Firstly, we apologise for being unable to attend the meeting on Friday 25th. We live in Beltinge and have noticed the increased air traffic on their landing approach to Manston. We do not appreciate being woken in the middle of the night or agree with the airport manager’s estimate of how many local people will find employment at Manston with …

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