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How not to chair a meeting

As meetings go, it was messy. The high point was probably the brief presentations by the kids from the Kent Youth Council - keen on democracy, and happy to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. Excellent stuff. They easily outshone the Thanet Local Board. Until recently, I hadn't known the TLB existed, and I had never seen Cllr Hayton. Happy days.

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When is a schedule not a schedule?

It's worth complaining to Manston for two reasons: they have to record and report it; and they tell you exactly which plane you were complaining about. With enough information about which planes and carriers misbehave, and when, we may be able to spot if there is method to their badness. Cynical curmudgeon that I am, I can't help wondering if there's an unwritten schedule operating.

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BAP report on Night Flights

At long last we're getting a clearer picture of what Infratil wants to do with our sky, and it doesn't make pretty reading: a 25-fold increase in night flights, and some sly counting to make it look less. The owners of Manton airport first started asking for more night flights at the beginning of 2009, during the BAWC débâcle. At the time, they claimed it was not just pressing, but urgent. Some 20 months have passed, during which they submitted another request, which was useless as it was missing key bits of information like... er... how many night flights, and how much noise.

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Warning to TDC and Infratil over Manston

Thanet District Council and Infratil, the owners of Manston Airport, have been warned they could end up in the High Court if the night-flights consultation process is botched. The warning has come from Paul Twyman, the chairman of airport watchdog the Kent International Airport Consultative Committee (KIACC).

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Kent International Airport boss Charles Buchanan to release night-flight plans

Countdown to night flights consultation

DETAILS of how many night flights bosses at Manston airport want will be available in two weeks. New airport boss Charles Buchanan said on Friday he would be ready to release the long-awaited figures shortly. He was speaking to the Kent International Airport Consultative Committee, which was holding its meeting in public.

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From Manston to Manchester in 70 minutes

Scheduled daily flights to Manchester took off from Manston for the first time on Monday as the airport continues to expand its services. The new schedule offers connecting flights to Glasgow, Belfast, Orkney and Inverness and complements the existing flights to Edinburgh. Both services are with low-cost airline Flybe. Manston chief executive officer Charles Buchanan said: “They are award-winning, stylish …

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Pilot says planes do not need to fly over Ramsgate from or to Manston

NEW PLANS: Eastcliff Residents' Association has been told by a pilot that  flights do not have to go over Ramsgate

Clipping: thisiskent

Eastcliff Residents' Association has been told by a pilot that flights do not have to go over Ramsgate. An international pilot has told a residents' association that many of the flights over Ramsgate could be avoided, reducing noise pollution over the town. Eastcliff Residents' Association treasurer Chris Welch and Airport Working Party member Peter Campbell agree that the airport and Thanet council could do more to encourage pilots to take off and land from the Herne Bay direction.

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