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Leaflets of Joy!

The Manston saga grinds on. SHP are fine-tuning their plans and dealing with objections. Politicians continue to be political. RiverOak are mooching about in the background, trying to persuade anyone who’ll listen that their cargo airport scheme isn’t even slightly silly. And in the meantime, the old Manston site is frozen in a weird planning limbo while the Council and …

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Fighting for every tonne

In its Scoping Report to the Planning Inspectorate, RiverOak quotes a study by Oxford Economics in 2015: “Impacts on the Air Freight Industry, Customers and Associated Business Sectors”. This report was prepared for Transport for London to look at the impact on the air freight business of not increasing airport capacity. The study focuses on air cargo trade that might …

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Living alongside a successful airport

Most of us naturally feel proud of Thanet’s long association with aviation. Some want to keep it alive through a revival of commercial aviation at Manston, and others see an airport as a source of much-needed jobs. But before committing our future to aviation, we should think about what it would mean to us all if Manston became a commercially …

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Gale: veering and backing

Put to one side for a minute the fact that RiverOak don’t have hundreds of millions to pay out in compensation; the fact that TDC have yet to negotiate with the owners; and the fact that it is demonstrably not in the public interest to support a cargo airport with huge negative consequences for its neighbours and just 39 jobs, …

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Someone wants to know if you want night flights

The Save Manston Airport group are running a poll on their Facebook page to see how many people are for, and against, night flights. They are dissatisfied with the result of the Thanet-wide poll that TDC conducted, and feel that their Facebook thingummy might count for more. Personally, I attach about as much importance to this kind of poll as …

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Manston now consulting on NOISE

Ah, the joys of consulting. North-east Kent’s favourite airport is obliged to produce a Noise Action Plan for the Government, and we all get to say what we think. As it says on their website: It is a DEFRA requirement that all UK airports prepare a Noise Action Plan (NAP) based on 2011 noise maps. These regulations are a result …

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Flight Blight

Nobody mentioned the low flying planes before this reader bought a house in Ramsgate. Clearly this was dishonest. It also highlights one of the negative effects that the airport has on the local area. Do any of you have helpful suggestions for our reader? Dear No Night Flights, I wonder if you might be able to help us. We purchased …

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Bean Ban Bombshell

New EU rules will outlaw flying Kenyan veg into Manston, meaning fewer cargo night flights in 2013. Thanks to the automated cleverness of the web, I get a steady stream of more or less interesting stuff from every corner of the globe. This little snippet is courtesy of the European Commission, and I think I’ve managed to get the right …

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I applied online to join the Why Not Manston? campaign. Their refusal is disappointing, but instructive:

Dear Mr Rose,

Last week we provisionally accepted you as a Supporter of our campaign. However, in your covering note, you stated your complete opposition to any Night Flights at the airport.

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