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Local Plan: discussion in Canterbury

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has met with pressure groups ahead of the publication of the Canterbury City Local Plan today (20th June). On Monday, the CPRE were joined by members of the South Canterbury Alliance, North Canterbury Forum and the Canterbury Society, and discussed how all parties will launch their campaign against development of housing …

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Local Plan: Canterbury businesses invited to discuss future plan

Businesses can discuss the city council’s draft local plan at C4B‘s Annual Conference on June 28th. The plan outlines proposals for development over the next 20 years. It is available online now for public consultation. Colin Carmichael, chief executive of Canterbury City Council business, will be presenting the plan and explaining its effects on local business in the area. The …

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Local Plan: CPRE don’t like it much

Proposals put builders first, not people CPRE Protect Kent are extremely worried about the innumerable negative impacts that the current draft local plan may have. We are particularly concerned that the plan has no mechanism in place either to defend or to enhance what is left of Canterbury’s cultural and historic character. Instead, problems will inevitably arise from the proposals …

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Local Plan: Council must listen to the people

The city council is preparing to kickstart the public consultation on its blueprint for the future of Canterbury – at a time when concerns about the building of thousands of new homes remains high. Members of the ruling executive meet tonight (Thursday 30th May), when they will be asked to formally begin canvassing people’s thoughts on its plan for the …

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Local Plan: Letters

Infrastructure is under threat South Canterbury infrastructure is already overloaded with the current rapid rise in house building, with many of these houses unsold. Gridlock on pot-holed roads, sewage overflows and power cuts. Once again the city council is being charmed by builders to give them precious greenfield sites to cram in maximum high-priced houses for their own high profits. …

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Local Plan: criticised for being developer-led

Residents’ groups have united in opposition to the garden city vision for Canterbury, which they claim is “seriously flawed”. They formed a non-political alliance at a joint meeting last week, where every individual group raised concerns about the process, scale and speed of proposed house-building, which includes 4,000 new homes in south Canterbury. Speakers questioned the motivation for the plan, …

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