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The city council has lost the plot

I have been following the debate, kicked off by Dylan Hampshire of Cockett’s Mattresses, about the need for a town council for Herne Bay (“Call for town council to end ‘democratic deficit'”, Times, June 21). I certainly believe Canterbury City Council has lost the plot and we should return to more local control of our affairs. Canterbury is just not …

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Night flights may not be answer for jobs

Maurice Byford

Clipping: thisiskent

IN THE letters page of the Isle of Thanet Gazette over recent weeks there have been passionate letters supporting the proposal by Infratil for night flights over Thanet as a means to expand the airport services at Manston. While I support the proposal of expansion and the attempts by the airport to attract an airline to operate out of Thanet it is clear to me that the proposals set out for the night flights option are extremely misguided.

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LETTER: lost business

Dear TDC,

We watched as every 9 minutes a 747 jumbo jet flow low over the beach as it prepared to ‘bounce’, I believe is the term, as they practise their landing at Kent International airport. My aunt and her friend, who where preparing to retire from London both with their own houses and no mortgage where so horrified at the noise that my aunt declared she could not live in a town that had this level of noise. She is currently purchasing a property in Broadstairs...

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Letter: glazing

Dear NoNightFlights, Just a couple of points. Should the council roll over and allow night flights (God forbid), who is going to to pay for the triple glazing of windows and doors that will be required for residents under and around the flight paths, Local authorities, Infratil, I don’t think so.   Do the local authorities realise that residents under the …

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