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Where in Ramsgate can you hear the Tannoys at the port and the station? Wherever it is, that's where this chap lives. He signs himself Mr Porter, although his email address suggests his name is Mr Turner. Either way, he asks some oft-repeated questions.

Quick answers: (1) and (2) - it is because we live and have our livelihoods under and near the flight paths that we are so concerned; (3) not sure how this is relevant - I don't need to be a civil engineer to have an opinion on whether I want a dual carriageway built in my gardern; (4) I am so bored of this one.

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Flybe, Manston, night flights and the truth

We wondered whether night flights would have made a difference to Flybe's decision to quit Manston.

After all, Charles Buchanan's constant message in the media is that night flights are essential to the airport's long-term commercial success, and Flybe is exactly the kind of high volume passenger carrier that Manston wants to attract (and keep).

So had the lack of scheduled night flights made Manston less attractive? Would scheduled night flights have persuaded Flybe to stay?

So we asked them...

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Woken in the small hours, 25th October

Hi There, Just to let you know that we were woken at exactly 03:00 Wednesday 26 October with a very noisy night flight over Beltinge, Herne Bay.  As my husband has to get up at 04:40 for a train to London he was not best pleased. Best regards, Hi, I complained via Manston’s website and received an almost instant reply… …

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