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AWP postponement explained

Some TDC Members aren’t happy with some TDC Officers. Well, an Officer. Subject: CANCELLATION OF AIRPORT WORKING PARTY MEETING Dear Members of the Airport Working Party, I am cancelling the Airport Working Party meeting which is scheduled for tomorrow [19th Feb] for the following reasons: 1.    The paperwork was circulated too late for any useful discussion with officers as to …

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Reality hits home, Infratil leave town

Delusion has finally been swept away by the onslaught of reality and Infratil are throwing in the towel. This has been a long time coming, and Nostrildamus predicted it in November 2010.

Manston Airport has been put up for sale. Bosses at Kent International Airport told staff at 10.30am yesterday (Friday) morning. The shock decision was made by owners Infratil. The New Zealand-based company also plans to sell its airport at Prestwick near Glasgow.

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You say (27)

#Manston #nightflights

Dear Sir/ Madam

My husband and I are against any night flying at Manston Airport.

We have already been warned of some night flights during the summer Olympics, to allow V.I.P.s. to come and go at their convenience.

During a normal summer, when sitting quietly in our garden, we have to endure  endless circuits by empty planes to earn the airport some revenue. This is bad enough.

If the council permits night flying, they will have betrayed the people of Ramsgate and this will be remembered by us in any forthcoming elections.

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

Dear Thanet District Council.

My Family and I are strongly against the night flights at Kent International Airport (Manston).

We live on the direct flight path on the Nethercourt estate

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You say (13)

#Manston #nightflights

I AM AGAINST all and any flights to or from Manston, Kent International Airport; at night after 11:00pm or before 7:00am. Noise and fumes pollution is high by day, and would be disturbing and distressing at night.

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

I wish to register my opposition to the proposed night flights to and from Manston airport.

I live in Station Road, Herne Bay which is on the approach to Manston and we quite regularly have 747 cargo planes flying over during daylight hours, which is quite unpleasant.

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Cut out the middleman

Looks like Manston may want to filter any responses it receives in the night flight consultation process.

A couple of our readers are shocked and horrified. Not only has Manston somehow managed to insert itself into the consultation process (by inviting people to send their responses direct to the airport), but it appears that anything the airport receives will not necessarily be sent to TDC.

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Manston in damage limitation mode

Charles Buchanan doesn't think that the independent report into the effect of development at Manston "challenged" his claims over economic benefit and noise pollution. No, it rubbished them.

Click it to big itCharles Buchanan says "we employ a lot of people in Margate". According to the proposal, 17.1% of the "about 110" staff... 19 people.

Bob Bayford says "the people most motivated to respond are those who have a negative view".  Oh dear, Bob, what's happened to your faith in human nature? Surely you don't believe that people with a positive view (i.e. have fallen for the sales pitch) are all going to be apathetic?

Cllr Bayford continues: "there will be activists going around encouraging people to respond negatively"... Hmmm, I expect there will be airport executives (and maybe councillors?) going round encouraging people to respond positively, too... but that doesn't seem to bother Bob.

I wonder if Bob has tripped into the pre-determination trap.

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Study casts doubt on night flight benefits

Plans for night flights at Manston International Airport have been shot down by an independent report. Herne Bay campaigner Phil Rose said:

“This confirms a lot of what the No Night Flights campaign has been saying for the past two years. The original proposal and back-up documents submitted by Infratil were putting a very, very, positive spin on things. They were promising more than the airport could deliver, and they understated the effect night flights would have on the local population.”

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Flybe quit Manston

Flybe has said it will not be flying from Manston International Airport in Kent after March. The airline said it would cease operations there at the end of the winter season. Flybe launched its Manston to Edinburgh service in May 2010. Flybe spokesman Niall Duffy said:

"We tried different routes and the numbers simply weren't there. It's impossible to sustain routes without the passengers.

Unfortunately for the Manston services it was just impossible to look at those passenger numbers and think that we could sustain the kind of difficulties we were facing.

It is fair to say that Manston is one of the airports with the smaller catchment areas in the United Kingdom, and you have Gatwick not too far away."

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Manston winces in the glare of publicity

The Iran Air Fuel Fiasco has been an international PR disaster for the airport. As Maxim PR (the airport's own PR company) says on its website: "You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep".

One consequence of this shambles is that all Manston's customers will be watched more closely in future, which may not please all of them.

Charles Buchanan's comments in this BBC article make it clear that it is the airport's desperation for money that led them into this geo-political minefield, and that they're giving up this revenue stream very reluctantly. Incidentally, this story makes a lot more sense if you replace the word "ethics" with the phrase "public relations"...

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NOT the longest runway

There is an urban myth that keeps popping up along the lines lines that Manston has the longest runway in the UK (or Europe, depending on how mis-informed the speaker is). It doesn't.

(I'm told by people who know about these things that modern aircraft, being more efficient, don't need very long runways anyway.)

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