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Mortimer Street Showcase & Party

This is a brilliant idea. A swarm of our beloved independent retailers put their heads together and came up with the idea of showing off what they do, and what happens “behind the scenes”. It’s going to be a great opportunity to find out more about our independent shops – the lifeblood of our town – AND there’s more free …

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Night Flights vote

TDC listened, and said “No” – will Mr Buchanan get the message? On the face of it, it looks like a straightforward example of democracy at its best. If only. A local council is faced with a difficult decision that involves complex technical issues. Quite correctly it takes advice from technical experts – in this case, two separate firms of …

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Being hung might be the best outcome

"May you live in interesting times" ran the old Chinese curse, and it appears that Thanet may be about to overdose on political "interest".

The local election in May left Thanet with a more-or-less hung council: 27 Conservative, 26 Labour and 3 Independents. In exchange for chairmanship of their preferred committees, the Indies backed Cllr Bayford's bid for leadership - oh well, at least it was naked self-interest, rather than anything underhand...

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