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Herne Bay’s Telly-Go-Round: the why and how and what

Scores of you were touched by the Herne Bay Rotary Club’s appeal to help maintain the much-loved Telly-Go-Round.It was the idea of two Herne Bay men. George Jones, who ran an electrical shop in the town and is now 92, was one of the original creators. He still works on the attraction every winter, improving on it while it is …

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How can Herne Bay find its voice?

Town council or Herne Bay Society: what does the town need? Does Herne Bay need its own council, or would a Herne Bay Society be better? Is it time to reclaim our Bay? That’s the question campaigners are asking this week after another Canterbury City Council council decision was met with fury in the town. This time, it was the …

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The history of the Downs

Herne Bay is lucky enough to have the Downs because, from 1881 onwards, a series of local people gifted plots of land to the town. About half of the site was gifted to the town in this way. There are long-standing covenants between these benefactors and the Council to keep the Downs as a public open space for the recreation …

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The threat to the Downs

To set the scene: People have been walking, running, playing, dog-walking, kite-flying and just sitting on The Downs for hundreds of years. It’s a nicely unkempt, tapering strip of land that runs east from Herne Bay to Reculver Country Park, sloping down from the sunlit uplands to the exceptionally shiny shingle of the north Kent coast. Long, long ago, most …

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