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Shameful secrecy, disgraceful conduct

We’re pretty clear that the whole PwC thing, apparently OK’d by “Dave” Cameron, is a transparent attempt to keep any pro-Manston votes loyal until Farage and UKIP are safely defeated in North and South Thanet. Intrigued by the suggestion that it will take a leading accountancy firm two months to decide whether RiverOak had the dosh for a CPO, we …

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We keep being told that a petition to “save” Manston airport was submitted to TDC with more than 8,000 signatures. It is also claimed that a petition of over 26,000 signatures was delivered to Downing Street. It’s really hard to get TDC to spell out the truth about the validity of the petitions that were submitted to the Council. Here’s …

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£1.4m ‘scandal’ of CCTV cost to the taxpayer

Canterbury City Council has criticised as “shallow” the report which reveals it has spent more on CCTV in the past three years than any other Kent council. Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show it has forked out £1,445,345 in buying, maintaining and staffing surveillance technology. Civil rights campaigner Big Brother Watch has branded the expenditure as shocking, after …

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