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The Night Flight Proposals 2011

Click the links to view the documents, or to download your very own copy. More documents, and scathing analysis to follow…   ScribdX.DocWidget.BASE_URL = “http://www.scribd.com”; ScribdX.DocWidget.ASSETS_BASE_URL = “http://s6.scribdassets.com”; (new ScribdX.DocWidget({ type:”public_document_collections”, resource_id: 3312549, show_resource_owner: true, show_doc_thumbnail: true, show_doc_owner: false, show_doc_reads: true, colors: {primary: “#1982AB”, secondary: “#302523″, label:”#888888”, background: “#FFFFFF”}, height: “400px”, width: “530px”, document_order: “ascending” })).asyncGET(); There should be a …

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