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Councillors break oath of silence

There’s much rib-tickling japery in the current HB Times. I’m tempted to start up a TV show called “Councillors say the funniest things” which would feature elected representatives trying to keep a straight face while spouting nonsense, distortions, half-truths, non sequitors and unsupported assertions. Some of our guys must be up to national standard. Except for the current plans for …

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Open to Interpretation

Wouldn’t you know it? Nothing for ages, and then a flurry. Canterbury City Council have finally produced their Draft Open Spaces Strategy, and a rattling good read it is. Section 5 has some good stuff in it: Sage words. Fine words. Dear reader, imagine my consternation and disappointment when I found this, tucked away in a far distant Appendix: Despite …

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Instant torpor

Dear reader, how I have missed our little tête-à-têtes. Or more strictly speaking, doigts-aux-yeux, but that sounds much less cosy. There has been a deathly quiet from the general direction of Canterbury City Council’s Lethal and Demagogic Dept. But I have news! There will be nothing happening for a little bit longer. Officially. I was so twirled by the giddying pace of events …

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Patience is a virtue

Eight weeks ago the Executive were alerted to their imminent criminality. I replaced my blood with espresso to ready myself for the frenetic pace of their response. They wondered. Legal pondered. Time dragged. I could have saved myself a fortune in coffee bills: I should have got some decent time-lapse photography kit. From which you will have gathered that not …

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Speech to Executive 5th Feb 2009

My fine and beloved woman addressed the Executive Committee meeting yesterday, and left them looking restless and nervous, ready to bolt. This is what she said: We have taken advice from a partner in a London law firm who specialises exclusively in planning law. We gave him the Land Registry entry and a link to Google maps so he could …

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Pitiful consultation, objections ignored, full steam ahead!

By the time I got to find out about the proposal to develop beach huts on the Downs (mid-December 2008) the Council seemed to be regarding it as pretty much a done deal. It had been “resolved” by the Executive, and the wheels had been put in motion. The site was being marketed; closing date for bids was late January; …

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The first media coverage

More beach huts for Herne Bay A concerned councillor fears vandals could “cause havoc” if 40 new beach huts are built on the Herne Bay coast. Cllr Gillian Reuby of King Edward Avenue voiced her fears after the ball was set rolling on plans to build the “Tankerton-style” huts at East Cliff. Two potential developers want to design, build and …

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2004 Pier Report: CCC summarise the findings

Consultants report on pier's future

[Jun 2004] Consultants have concluded there is the potential to develop Herne Bay pier into a major attraction that could help regenerate the town as a thriving seaside resort. However, their report makes it clear that there is no prospect of attracting sufficient public or private funding, in the foreseeable future, to restore the full three-quarter-mile long pier.

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