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Election 2015: All women panel at Thanet hustings event

Comments (0) An all women panel of election candidates will speak at a hustings on Wednesday. The fresh Voices event is aimed at letting people hear from females of all parties standing in South Thanet. Speakers will include Lynne O’Donoghue of the Lib Dems, Conservative Lesley Game, Laura Hackett from the We Are The Reality Party and Labour’s Karen Constantine. Ukip …

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Election comes down to who people want to run the country

As this will be the last Gale’s View before parliament dissolves on March 30 and we go into candidate-mode for the general election on May 7, this seems the right moment to pause before, I hope, normal service will be resumed. The economy is now out of intensive care and well on the road to full recovery. While healthcare and …

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Pub Landlord‘s candidature makes mockery of election

THE news that Al Murray, perhaps better known as The Pub Landlord, would be standing in May’s general election in one of our neighbouring constituencies, Thanet South, raised smiles across the country. Prompted doubtless by the presence In the presence of Ukip leader Nigel Farage, the decision of Murray to throw his hat into the ring intensified further the media …

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Labour’s red letter day at expense of Tories

Thanet Conservative party took a pounding in Thursday's district elections, leaving three independent councillors with the power to decide who will lead the council. The Tories were ousted from six seats in Thursday's poll – losing five to Labour and one to a new independent – meaning they forfeit overall control of Thanet council. One of the greatest shocks was the loss of Ramsgate's Nethercourt ward by Tories Jill Kirby and Brenda Rogers to Labour rookies Kim Gibson and Steve Alexandrou.

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2011 Election Results

Previously: Roger Matthews (LibDem), Margaret Flaherty (LibDem). Previously: the same three. Previously: Ron Flaherty (LibDem), Robert Bright (LibDem), Ken Hando (LibDem). Previously: Gabrielle Davis (Con), Gillian Reuby (Con), Ann Taylor (Con). Previously: Peter Lee (Con), Vince McMahan (Con).Click for full results across the District.

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The consultation and the election timetable

Cynical timing?

Night flights consultation: November to late February.
Local Election: May 5th.
Council decision on night flights: July.

This is clearly a clumsy ploy by TDC to avoid the electorate kicking the daylights out of them on election day for inflicting a lifetime of sleepless nights on them.

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Post-election: stress, disorder

In contrast to the hard mathematical precision of my recent results analysis, today I go out on a limb for a national prediction. The LibDems will collect more votes and more seats than ever, but not as many seats as the number of votes would imply (as usual). What will thrill them to bits, however, will be the wildly disproportionate influence that they will wield as the maker/breaker of kings and coalitions. 

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Daft General Election Forecast!

Behold my far-fetched but statistically sound election result forecast. You will by now have heard and seen any number of polls and analyses, confidently "predicting" Thursday's outcome. I expect you are all worldly-wise enough to realise they are a load of tosh. Weary call centre slaves heckle the unsuspecting few by phone, and smug pundits recklessly extrapolate the results to several decimal places of precision. Knowing that you will be unsatisfied with such piffle, I have assembled the most reliable prediction yet - read it if you dare...

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