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Aldi: Down to earth with a bump?

Pottering about in Herne Bay this morning, I happened upon an odd contraption in the King’s Road car park. This is the site of the future Aldi supermarket, which is described as being Phase 1 of the long-stalled regeneration plan for Herne Bay known as the “Central Development Area”. My insatiable curiosity got the better of me, and I had …

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You say (22)

#Manston #nightflights

Dear Reader - this one's a cracker! Grab yourself a cup of tea, or a pint of gin, snuggle down and enjoy...

I am a resident of Ramsgate. I live directly in the approach flight-path for Manston within three miles of the runway threshold. I would like to register my objection to Infratil’s suggestion that they should be allowed conduct night-flights.

Since the airport was privatised I have been disturbed by night-flying on a number of occasions. I have used the airport’s complaints system but this has only ever resulted in my receiving a letter from the airport telling me that the flight concerned was operating safely.

Thanet District Council is fully aware that night-flights arriving at and departing from Manston wake me from my sleep. I contacted the Council on three occasions last year to complain about being woken. On one of those occasions Laura Sandys contacted the Council on my behalf. Thanet District Council failed to answer the questions I asked in my correspondence and, consequently, I have requested that the matter be the subject of a formal complaint.

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Man moves house, Manston issues press release

This seems to be another fine example of PR puffery in action. It appears that Mr McQuarrie was already "Group Manager Freight Development for both airports" - so it's unclear what he'll be doing that wasn't already in his job description. The only bit of news appears to be that is moving house from Scotland to Margate. Rather poignantly, he is another employee who tries to play up Manston's lack of business as an advantage: "no congestion".

Manston Airport’s ability to attract freight operators has been given a boost with the appointment of an experienced freight development manager - Allan McQuarrie, 46, joined Infratil in 2007 and until recently, has been based at their airport in Prestwick, Glasgow.

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Pollution at car park is “unlikely to pose a risk”

A key redevelopment site in the town is contaminated, but the pollution is unlikely to pose a "significant" threat to human health. That's according to council officers who have overseen a series of environmental tests under the Kings Road car park since the beginning of the year.

The area, formerly a gasworks, has been earmarked for a new supermarket as part of the town's regeneration programme. Residents were concerned about possible contamination under the car park, so contractors drilled nine boreholes to test the soil.

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It’s Kitewood. Again.

Yes folks, it's Kitewood. The people who brought us Altira Tumbleweed Park, and didn't bring us a new Blacksole Bridge. The people who said they would bring us a new Blacksole Bridge if they could have a huge swathe of Beltinge to play with.

To be honest, I don't think we're any closer to getting a bridge, but Kitewood are starting to nibble away at the open spaces of Beltinge, laying the foundations of "Kitegate" a development area the size of Hampton.

They've got their eyes on the eastern end of Kitegate, where they hope to knock up 40 homes on farmland, much to the annoyance of the local residents who thought they would be living next to, er, farmland.

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Biggin Hill. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

Biggin Hill Airport will now apply for long-term changes to its lease in the wake of its "Olympic gateway" bid. Critics accused airport bosses of trying to set a precedent for changes to the rules, including longer opening hours and introducing fare-paying passengers, after it submitted an application to relax regulations during the games.

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