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Psst! Want to buy an airport?

CEO confirms: Prestwick for the chop

Well, Dear Reader, you can tell your grandchildren that you read it here before you read it on Bloomberg!

Infratil's Supreme Commander has gone on record in an interview with Bloomberg telling the world that Prestwick doesn't have a long-term future in Infratil's portfolio, because it "isn't performing".

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Air Anon at Manston

From the once-secret KCC funding bid

There seems to be an endless supply of consultants, ready willing and able to tell the emperor of the day how lovely his clothes are, and how much lovelier the next suit will be.

Next up in line is an outfit called Steer Davies Gleave who aim "to provide unrivaled advice that helps deliver better transportation solutions to everyone, everywhere". And freedom from the nagging pedantry of spell-checkers, presumably.

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In Manston, no one can hear you scream…

A reader writes: Hi All, Am sure some of you were aware, but we weren’t… the complaints phone line at Manston is no longer in service! I was phoning an engaged tone for over an hour the other evening to complain about the landing practice that had been taking place over Ramsgate.   I was livid about: The time of …

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Readers write

Subject: Flight last night Message: Hi, just wanted to let you know for your records that once again a plane landed at Manston around 11.15pm last night (30th May 2011) I was in my garden with my dog at the time. It wasn’t one of the largest cargo planes, but was still very noisy and appeared to be a medium …

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BBC: Biased Broadcast Coverage?

Yesterday saw the official launch of Manston's latest bid to stuff our ears full of planes, round the clock. Charles Buchanan got favourable coverage on BBC TV, and uncritical coverage on BBC Radio Kent. Not everybody is pleased...

I saw the news today and felt like hitting the idiot who claims 3000 jobs will be created. What about the thousands of people who will have interrupted sleep and just do not want this????? I feel so angry and helpless.

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