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Councillors display shocking contempt for the voters

Last week, I took two university students along to a Canterbury City Council licensing committee hearing. It was the first time either had taken a peek into the world of UK local government. On the other hand, I have spent a vast proportion of my adult life in local authority meetings and am inured to their constipated procedural pipework and …

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Letter to Discovery Park

Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave

Discovery Park (Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave) now own 80% of the Manston site, and Ann Gloag is a minority shareholder. In a better world, TDC would now be talking to Discovery Park about their plans, in the hope of conjuring the best possible deal for Thanet. In practice, TDC are still fixated on the idea of CPO-ing the site …

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Councillors should serve as civic duty

I HAVE been following with a degree of interest via the local press the call for the executive system of local government to revert to the old committee system. I have to say that from my experience this is not the answer. The reality is whichever political party has the majority on the council ends up with a majority on …

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How to run a Council – the case for change

THE PRESENT SYSTEM Canterbury has what is called a ‘Strong Leader and Executive’ system. This was adopted in 2002 after the government of the day made all councils choose between this and having an elected Mayor. The Councillors elect the Leader, who then chooses the Executive members, and can throw them off the Executive if they don’t say the right …

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Bus day in Ramsgate

We were down at the harbour for most of the morning because the press wanted us to be there at 10, 11 and 12 so, given that we wanted maximum publicity, we needed to do that.

Unfortunately the splendid and venerable bus, loaned to us by a Ramsgate resident and supporter, broke down in Queen Street and so we were unable to get all around town as planned - apologies to all those who had camped out waiting for a glimpse!

We were delighted with the response, lots of people came out to support, we were able to speak to residents and visitors who were unaware of the proposal, and we were able to speak to people about the facts etc etc.

Here are some of the highlights of the day - do feel free to add your own...

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You say (1)

#Manston #nightflights

I am strongly against Manston’s night flying proposal.

I changed the habit of a lifetime at the last election and voted Labour because of the stand they made on this subject.

They seem to now be sitting on the fence on this matter reneging on a pre election promise.

Click to have your say in the Public Consultation on Night Flights

I live directly under the flight path and wish to register my protest against Infratil's proposals. I have already been woken up several times in the past by very noisy cargo planes flying very low over my house in the middle of the night. Double-glazing and thick loft insulation does not block out the noise.

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Public consultation starts on Manston’s night flying proposal

Runs until Friday 2 March 2012

Thanet District Council is now asking members of the public for their views on proposals for regular night-time flying at Manston Airport. The proposals were submitted by Infratil, owners of the airport, on 27 October 2011 and included an aircraft noise assessment report and economic assessment, which are technical reports explaining the implications of the proposal.

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Thanet the Movie: Welcome to the Casting Couch

The Hollywood moguls are salivating and the sets are being built - "Thanet the Movie" is underway. All that's left is the casting.

We already have a number of front runners, as you can see below, but we would like your help with some more suggestions. You can find more pictures of TDC counsellors here, Kent councillors here and here, you can add suggestions in the comments below, and you can send us pictures (jpegs) of your suggested lookalikes here.

Please don't restrict yourselves to Councillors - every notable character in Thanet and East Kent will have a role in this blockbuster!

Cllr Clive Hart: George Clooney

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A reader writes (to Bob)

I thought my email of today may be of interest and stimulate other residents to convey their views to our councillors: August 21st 2011 Dear Councillor Bayford, Re Manston Airport – Proposed Night Flights As a regular listener to BBC Radio Kent, I heard your response rebuttal to Councillor Clive Hart’s interview at 08.15 on Thursday 18th August on the …

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Night Flights: too hot to handle?

Calling all TDC-ologists: what’s going to happen on Thursday? Cllrs Hart and Poole have tabled a motion about Night Flights for the Council meeting on Thursday 14th July 2011. The blurbs that come with the meeting handouts say that there are two options: To note that the motion stands referred without discussion to Cabinet; or To debate the motion. All …

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