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Consultation: what’s the point?

What with talk of cosy chats, back-room deals, and absolutely no draft reports, I began to wonder whether the consultation was going to be a pointless charade. So I asked what would happen if we say "No" to night flights...

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Current position

On 1st September 2009, I went to Kent County Council HQ in Maidstone and lodged an application to register The Downs in Herne Bay as a new Town Green. At the time we had 569 witness statements supporting the application – we now have 1,119. KCC are the “registering authority” for village and town greens – it’s down to them …

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In case you missed it (as most people did), here is what seems to be the full extent of CCC’s public consultation. This was in the Public Notices section of the Herne Bay Gazette. In real life it measures 10cm x 12cm. “… a small number of new beach huts … ” turns out to be 40. I had never …

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Pitiful consultation, objections ignored, full steam ahead!

By the time I got to find out about the proposal to develop beach huts on the Downs (mid-December 2008) the Council seemed to be regarding it as pretty much a done deal. It had been “resolved” by the Executive, and the wheels had been put in motion. The site was being marketed; closing date for bids was late January; …

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2004 Pier Report: CCC asking for opinions

Herne Bay pier - have your say

[Mar 2004] Consultants working on the study into the feasibility of rebuilding Herne Bay pier are asking local residents about the type of facility they would like to see and how it would benefit the town. A special website and email address has been set up to allow the public to make suggestions and put forward ideas for any new pier.

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