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Anti-pylon claims are full of holes

Chris Lowe’s letter headed ‘Underground cables are cheaper’ is so full of misinformation that it is difficult to know where to start (Letters and Opinion, Kentish Gazette, March 19). The Western Link across the Wirral is actually part of the new 420-km high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) Scottish Power/National Grid distribution system bringing ‘green energy’ from Hunterston in Scotland to Deeside south …

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Underground cables cheaper

The National Grid proposal (www.richboroughconnection.co.uk) for connecting the undersea cable at Richborough to the Grid at Canterbury uses new tall pylons on a new route north of Broad Oak, which would blight new areas of attractive countryside and ancient woodland. However, they appear to have ignored pleas to put the cables underground because of claimed extra costs. This is despite …

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Your Kentish Gazette front-page headline on March 27 said What A Relief! A relief to whom? What are Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council doing to ensure a more Integrated public transport experience such as already happens in Oxford? Likewise, where is the target for every resident to have a footway to their nearest services or bus stop? Until …

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