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Manston’s dreams and nightmares

"Nostrildamus nose the future"Nostrildamus says:

  • Infratil's Charles Buchanan will shortly unveil his plans to stuff our ears with plane noise 24 hours a day.
  • He will brandish carrots and sticks as if they were real.
  • He will repeat the mantra that the airport will have to close if the proposals aren't accepted.
  • He will never say that he will close the airport - far too personal.
  • He will want to distract attention from the fact that the closure of the airport is  a purely commercial decision, already more than half-made.

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A reader writes (to Bob)

I thought my email of today may be of interest and stimulate other residents to convey their views to our councillors: August 21st 2011 Dear Councillor Bayford, Re Manston Airport – Proposed Night Flights As a regular listener to BBC Radio Kent, I heard your response rebuttal to Councillor Clive Hart’s interview at 08.15 on Thursday 18th August on the …

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Open and Shut Basket Case 1

Night-fly row Manston airport 'may shut'

Manston airport could shut down if it is not allowed to operate more night flights, its chief executive has said. Kent International Airport boss Charles Buchanan said commercial airlines would only use the site if they could fly early in the morning or late at night.

Thanet District Council is considering whether to grant permission for the airport to operate more night flights. Tory councillors said Thanet needed the jobs but Labour members said the airport was holding people to ransom. The hung council is made up of 27 Tory members, 26 Labour members and three Independent councillors.

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Motion calls for a policy on scheduled night flights

The Thanet Labour group has tabled a resolution over night flights from Manston airport at the district council's next meeting. The motion calls for the council to adopt a policy of not allowing scheduled or planned flights between 11pm and 7am and to rule that any arrivals or departures in an extra hour either side be subject to a fine.  Exceptions to the ban would include "mercy flights" and flights for medical emergencies under Labour's proposals.

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Labour’s red letter day at expense of Tories

Thanet Conservative party took a pounding in Thursday's district elections, leaving three independent councillors with the power to decide who will lead the council. The Tories were ousted from six seats in Thursday's poll – losing five to Labour and one to a new independent – meaning they forfeit overall control of Thanet council. One of the greatest shocks was the loss of Ramsgate's Nethercourt ward by Tories Jill Kirby and Brenda Rogers to Labour rookies Kim Gibson and Steve Alexandrou.

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Manston night-flying consultation delayed

Manston airport’s night-time flying consultation has been delayed as airport-operator Infratil has been forced to check its facts. New noise assessments produced independently by the council have led to it asking the airport to review its application and the public consultation has been halted until Infratil reviews its proposal.

Thanet council received an application from Infratil in late September to extend flying hours at Manston and grant permission for a number of night flights for heavy freight planes. However, a draft report investigating the potential noise impact of night-flying prompted councillors to reject Infratil’s plans on Monday.

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Manston Night flight plans grounded

Controversial plans to allow night flights at Kent International Airport have been put on hold. Infratil, the company which owns Manston airport, has agreed to revise a proposal to allow planes to take off and land 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It follows a meeting with senior Thanet council officials today. Under the proposals, an average of …

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Consultation stops before it starts

Yes folks, although it was once scheduled to start TODAY, the public consultation has been stopped in its tracks. Thanet District Council CEO Richard Samuel, and TDC Leader Cllr Bayford met Manston's CEO Charles Buchanan to break the bad news - his proposal doesn't merit consideration. How did it come to this?

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Public set to be asked for views on night flights from Manston airport

Bob Bayford

Clipping: thisiskent

THE public will be asked for their views on plans for regular night flights from Manston airport from 1st November. On Tuesday, Thanet council's chief executive Richard Samuel said its consultation on an application from airport owners Infratil for scheduled flights between 11pm and 6am will last approximately 12 weeks. Infratil submitted its proposals to Thanet council, the planning authority, last week. Part of its application is an assessment of the noise impact of its plans on surrounding towns and villages. Thanet council will have those claims independently reviewed before it launches its public consultation.

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