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To Whom it concerns

I am strongly AGAINST the NIGHT FLIGHTS between 11pm and 7am, as I live directly under the flight path.

I moved to Herne Bay 3 years ago, from Gillingham, for a quiet and less congestive life but will not get this if night flights are allowed.

When I moved here I accepted that I was in the flight path and only a handful of planes where landing, but I DO NOT ACCEPT that I should have to put up with night flights and having to my windows closed, because of the noise

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I am writing to emphasize that I am strongly opposed to flights in and out of Manston Airport between the hours of 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.

I live in Herne Bay directly under the path of incoming flights and want you to know that the noise level during the day is too loud and most annoying, to have flights landing during the night would be unbearable.

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