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Manston’s 2012 schedule

Just to let you know what's coming, here's a timetable that Manston can start operating the day after TDC accepts their proposed night flying policy. 

Currently, daytime flying at the airport is completely free of restrictions regarding the numbers and noisiness of aircraft. Manston's new policy turns night into day. The first half-hour of night, and the last hour of night, would be as free of restrictions as the daytime.

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Manston Aircraft Noise Maps

Here are the noise contour maps that Manston provided with their application. As you'll see, they didn't bother to provide a full set.

Click the maps to get a clearer view.

Boeing Jumbo 747-400

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“Night flights would boost business in Thanet” says airport

Up to eight flights a night could take off and land at Kent International Airport, according to plans submitted to Thanet District Council. Bosses at the airport have submitted their long-awaited night-time flight policy, and campaigners now have 12 weeks to have their say on the proposals.

Managers say allowing flights between 11pm and 7am would attract more business to the area. They are banned under the airport's current planning agreement with the council.

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Manston makes night-time submission

A Kent airport has resubmitted its proposals for night flights. Manston airport, near Ramsgate, has asked Thanet Council for permission to run at least six flights between 11pm and 7am. Bosses said the plans would create around 3,000 jobs by 2018 and are vital for the long-term future of the company. Charles Buchanan, Chief Executive at Manston, commented:

"For the airport to be commercially viable in the longer term and deliver for Kent what other airports have done for their regions, it is vital that we are allowed to compete in terms of the operating hours."

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Plans for Manston Airport night flights

A Kent airport is asking for permission to operate night flights. Manston Airport wants Thanet District Council to allow an average of eight take-offs or landings per night. The move would allow the operation to attract new airlines and a study suggested it could create more than 3,000 jobs.

But opponents fear it could pave the way for 24-hour arrivals and departures. The proposal is for three flights between 23:00 and 23:30, two flights between 23:30 and 06:00 and three between 06:00 and 07:00.

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See the future, then decide

These two maps are taken from Manston’s night flight proposal. The maps show the “sound footprint” of the airport. The top map is for 2010, the bottom map is their 2018 forecast. In 2018, the “sound footprint” is bigger and louder. The blue lines around the runway are noise contours. In both maps the outermost blue line is the 48dB …

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The Night Flight Proposals 2011

Click the links to view the documents, or to download your very own copy. More documents, and scathing analysis to follow…   ScribdX.DocWidget.BASE_URL = “http://www.scribd.com”; ScribdX.DocWidget.ASSETS_BASE_URL = “http://s6.scribdassets.com”; (new ScribdX.DocWidget({ type:”public_document_collections”, resource_id: 3312549, show_resource_owner: true, show_doc_thumbnail: true, show_doc_owner: false, show_doc_reads: true, colors: {primary: “#1982AB”, secondary: “#302523″, label:”#888888”, background: “#FFFFFF”}, height: “400px”, width: “530px”, document_order: “ascending” })).asyncGET(); There should be a …

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Night Flight proposals to be outlined on Radio Kent 28th October 11am

Charles Buchanan will be giving the Night Flights new proposal to TDC Friday 28th October (as if they haven’t had it for a while already!) and will be announcing the highlights on BBC Radio Kent – 96.7FM and 104.2FM and DAB. BBC Radio Kent are having a “travel day” special on 28th October, and will be devoting 11am – 12 …

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